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Richmond teacher loses job after drunk in public arrest

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) -- A teacher at Broad Rock Elementary School in Richmond lost her job, after being after being physically removed from a local restaurant and arrested on Saint Patrick's Day.

That was revealed in court Wednesday morning, where Diamond Mays was facing Judge Eugene Cheek on two misdemeanor charges: drunk in public and disorderly conduct.

The officer who arrested Mays testified she was working off-duty outside a restaurant, when she heard a commotion.

That lead her to a walk way where she says she saw Diamond Mays being picked up and removed from a restaurant by a bouncer.

When the officer tried to calm her down, she testified Mays took off running and assaulted a different bouncer.

At that point the officer began the arrest process, saying Mays was disheveled, agitated, and yelling.

She then cursed the police officer and used racial slurs.

While being processed after her arrest, the officer says Mays told her she was a third-grade teacher who tells her students to not trust the police because they are racists.

Judge Cheek, who knew Mays had lost her job, convicted her of misdemeanor drunk in public and misdemeanor curse and abuse.

Both carry a $50 fine each.

Mays has 10 days to appeal.




  • Tamara Tisdale

    You’re illiterate. Where the hell does it say that she ran from anyone? The fact is that this was blown out of proportion and it’s bull.

    • PU.PC

      Takes a lot of superiority audacity to call someone “illiterate” when
      you can’t Read or Comprehend, but can mouth off, with Attitude.

      “When the officer tried to calm her down, she testified Mays took off running and assaulted a different bouncer.”

    • athynz

      “When the officer tried to calm her down, she testified Mays took off running and assaulted a different bouncer.”

      The whole “Mays took off running” part is the relevant clue. Reading comprehension is critical.

  • yale

    shut up tamara your a racist pig.time for the black community to take some responsibility.we are all catching on.Really is it ever your fault,anything?

  • reeltime

    So she teaches (taught) her class not to trust police because they are racists. How many more like her are in the RPS system that preach that ideology. And the police chief shakes his head in disgust when he can get no cooperation from the community when a 5 year old is shot and witnessed by many. But yet the cry is always the same at the vigils, we need more police in our neighborhood to protect us. As yale pointed out, we are catching on what the real truth is. Thank you Diamond for confirming this.

  • Mo Fiscal conservatism

    Everyone wants to call the police “racist”, “power hungry” and “corrupt”. That is until you need them for something. They are the same as our military, only they put their lives on the line EVERY DAY! But I guess it’s not trendy enough for people to show them any respect.
    Very ignorant bunch we see on here.

    • athynz

      And here’s Kathryn once again defending the police. In this case however the police officer was doing her job and getting rid of someone who was drunk in public. However a blanket trust in all police is unwise in this day and age.

    • BO

      RPD are pretty good.Never seen them mess with people like some depts.On the flip side when you heard harassment you only hear the harassment side.The police side rarely comes out.

  • MO


    Do you monitor these comments? I’m all for having a comments section for people to voice opinions, but calling people racist and telling them to shut up doesn’t seem appropriate. Don’t lose integrity to get traffic.

  • RT

    Not all the statements made by the police officers were true especially the statement that she teaches her students not to trust police. I can’t believe how they are making such a big thing out off it. This has nothing to do with her teaching abilities. In fact she is a great teacher! People should know the facts before they judge.

    • B Addy

      lol!! I think the judge knows the facts.
      Looks like the judge heard the facts , and made a decision
      Did the police officer lie about her saying that she teaches her students the cops are racist???

      • RT

        The judge heard one side and that was the police officer side. Like I said in my previous statement. The police officer statements were not all true.

    • Becky

      Was the person in a court of law, with a lawyer, abled to face her accuser, and defend herself, her actions and her words?

  • TWuanduh

    When Noah awoke and was told what Canaan did. . .Noah said, ‘Cursed be Canaan and may God make his face black,’ and immediately the face of Canaan changed; so did of his father Ham, and their white faces became black and dark and their color changed.”
    “When Noah awoke. . .he cursed him and said: ‘Cursed be Ham and may he be slave to his brothers’. . .and he became a slave, he and his lineage, namely the Egyptians, the Abyssinians, and the Indians. Indeed, Ham lost all sense of shame and he became black and was called shameless all the days of his life, forever.”
    When Noah cursed Canaan, “instantly, by the force of the curse. . .his face and entire body became black [ukmotha]. This is the black color which has persisted in his descendents.”

    • Laura

      Blasphemy. I guess you’re speaking of Genesis chapter 9. What you wrote is false. I guess that’s also why you didn’t reference it along with you lies.

  • athynz

    While I hate to see anyone lose their job at the same time she was drunk in public and was attacking others. The police were simply doing their jobs and removing an unruly patron from private property. And since she decided to throw the fact that she was at the time a teacher she’s the one who opened that particular can of worms. Firing her might have been a bit excessive if this was her first issue.

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