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4 children injured after car hits Richmond school bus

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) — Richmond police said four children have been taken to the hospital after an accident involving a car and a school bus Wednesday afternoon.

Police were called to South Laurel Street and Idlewood Avenue around 3:23 p.m. after a Honda collided with a school bus carrying Richmond Public Schools’ students, according to Richmond Police spokesman James Mercante.

Officials said 60 students were on the bus, which was headed from Clark Springs Elementary to Fairfield Elementary.

Four students suffered minor injuries, including abdominal pain. The children were transported to Chippenham Hospital.

Mercante said traffic officers are still investigating the crash and that no charges had been filed as of 4:40 p.m.

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  • Ron Melancon

    First of all how do you hit a big yellow school bus? I bet he was texting and driving!! Also I think you can’t have 60 kids on a school bus. Check into it

  • Cronin

    Headline… SLAMS into bus?

    Is the picture of the car in the report the damaged car that bumped….excuse me….SLAMMED into the bus?

    Why not show the scratch….I mean…..damage to the bus?

    I’m not saying the driver of the car isn’t at fault, but the news sensationalism is way out of hand.

    Just saying

    • Glen Allen

      The media sensationalizes everything negative when it comes to Richmond Public Schools. They will now blame this on the fact those kids would not have been at risk had the roof of their regular school not leaked, causing them to relocate to Clark Springs.

      The Honda looks like it has very little damage, and the bus looks fine.

  • Kai

    That is my car. My girlfriend was in the intersection on a yellow. The bus driver tore off the bumper after accelerating into an intersection before the light turned green. The tire did it. The car didn’t even move, they barely made contact. Witness saw it and gave statement. Who fucking wrote this article? The guy who filmed it said NOTHING along these lines, the kids were fine, the cop AND emt AND firefighters said they were fine. CBS making a lot out of nothing, very disappointed that the on the scene reporter allowed them to change the story to this degree.

    • Jay Jobe

      I was there for the direct aftermath of this incident and even as a bystander it was obvious to me that the fault was on the bus driver and not the driver of the Honda. Catchy headline, but way out of proportion. I’m questioning CBS6’s credibility as a news source now.

  • Kai

    I called the news office and they toned down the vicious accident language. I appreciate the quick response. Chris, the on scene photojournalist was very cool, he spoke with everyone involved and was friendly. He also filmed the crazy helicopter rescue earlier today, props to him. Thanks for being realistic CBS HQ. It’s not as exciting a story, but at least it’s more accurate.

    Props as well to the emergency responders, they were very quick and made sure no other cars hit anyone in the intersection. People love blasting through the Laurel-Idlewood intersection, surprised more people don’t get hurt there.

  • Tonya

    That was very nice of you Kai. I’m happy that your girlfriend & kids are ok. Good luck with everything.

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