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Mother of Marty Cobb murder suspect had prior child abuse charge

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) -- Court documents obtained by CBS 6 News are shedding new light on the home life of the teenager accused of killing eight-year-old Marty Cobb and assaulting his sister.

The suspect's mother, Faith Turner, was arrested and charged with child abuse and reckless disregard for life in August of 2008.

We also learned that his mother was found guilty of assault and battery in Chesterfield County for an incident that happened back in 2011.

Those court documents also reveal the victim, who was ten at the time, is the same boy now charged with murder in South Richmond.

Turner ended up pleading no contest, and was ordered by the court to take parenting classes at Richmond's Stop Child Abuse Now organization.

The court documents said she successfully completed those classes, but that in 2010, her son was charged and found guilty of attacking a three year old boy with a hammer.

“This is a pretty common problem to see this cycle continue,” CBS Legal Analyst Todd Stone said after we showed him the documents.

While the court documents do not explain exactly what happened that day back in August of 2008, they do show that Turner stated she was going to pay bills, and was only gone for 10 or 15 minutes.

Stone said the documents could help the defense if the teen is sentenced.

“Maybe he can unlearn the behavior and be amenable to treatment,” Stone said.

Turner pleaded no contest and her charged was reduced to a misdemeanor. She was ordered by the court to take parenting classes at Richmond’s Stop Child Abuse Now, or SCAN, organization.

According to court records, Turner successfully completed those classes making “significant progress in her ability to manage her children’s behavior.”

The records show she also “reported a change in her approach to discipline.”

“They work hard at teaching parents how to be better parents in the home so that cycle from one generation to the next can be broken,” Stone said about SCAN.

Four years later, that same boy, now 16, is accused of killing Cobb and assaulting his 12-year-old sister.

Investigators said they were attacked two weeks ago near the train tracks behind their neighborhood in the 200 block of Brandon Road in South Richmond.

The teen was sentenced to receive mental health treatment. CBS 6 News is not releasing the name of the suspect, because he has not yet been charged as an adult.

We also learned that his mother was found guilty of assault and battery in Chesterfield County for an incident that happened back in 2011.


    • Carol

      At this point, one is like really you find out one parent was no better than the other. Hopefully he’ll be put away somewhere. Sad parenting all the way around !

  • Rosa Johnson

    this boy probably had mental health issues since he was alitte kid. could have been a alcohol, crack baby. he certainly has no impulse control. he is a danger to society and was well on his way to be a serial killer.

  • sw

    If this boy had mental health issues it was probably due to the fact he was being abused. Seems strange that there were no problems until they let his mother plead out and keep custody of him that he then attacks a 3 year old. Why was the county or city, where ever they were living at the time, on top of this boys issues since he had already tried to kill a small child? This makes no sense to me and it’s time heads need to roll when people in authority continue to not do their jobs. He had already committed a violent act and nothing was done about it. Now a little boy is dead and a girl sexually assaulted. The people who did nothing for this boy are really more at fault then the boy himself.

    • BO

      Was’nt there a story not long ago about how Richmond social service kept kids in bad homes to make the numbers look good?heads need to roll on all public servants not doing their jobs.too hard quit but this is what they are paid for,to make it work.

  • Ida Atkins

    I’m sorry he suffered abuse as a child, truly I am. That is still not an excuse for his actions though! I am tired of people blaming someone else all the time for the things another does. Its time young people who have learned right from wrong regardless to whom they learned it from start taking full accountability for their actions. Society tries to baby them and protect their precious ego’s but in reality they are shielding them from learning accountability. Children need to learn that there are consequences for actions no matter who you are. This young man performed a heinous crime which he knew to be wrong and therefore should be punished accordingly!

  • tony

    theres a surprise.raise your children people,control your kids.train them and teach to respect and the world will be better for all.Black white doesn’t matter.respect is the game here and so far its a loss for all.

  • Becky

    Ah, The Transparent Coincidental Coincidences
    Feb, David Hicks, name new Musical Chairs Interim Director of DSS
    –Former Richmond Commonwealth Attorney
    –Former Interim Director of Justice Services after Failed
    Juvenile Justice System Debacle.
    Apr, Greater Richmond’s Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN)
    Exec Director, Jeanine Harper named by Mayor to assist DSS
    Interim, Hicks, for $49,000 for 6 months.
    ..Richmond Stop Child Abuse Now is yet another Tax Exempt, Special
    Interest Group needed to bolstering Richmond Government through
    Tax Advantages, Taxes and Donations.
    Doris Moseley, DSS Director, Fired for Failures.
    2009-2012 Carolyn Graham, hand picked as Executive Management
    Team, imported from DC, as Deputy Chief Administrative Officer for Human Services. Responsible for Social Services, Justice Services,
    and Parks and Rec. Fired for Failures.

  • Becky

    Oddly, the Mayor and his CAO, ARE directly Responsible for
    the Municipal Operations of ALL City Departments and Agencies.
    The abject dereliction of duty evidenced on just this street alone,
    by all of the above, warrant a full scale Investigation from other
    than City & State Party Cohorts that raised This Mayor on their
    Party Pedestal of Virginia Democratic Party Chairman.

  • Bruce

    I for one am sick of”he had a bad childhood” offered as some justification for someone’s criminal actions.There are many many more out there that had a rough upbringing and went on to be productive,law abiding citizens.Even a mentally deficient person knows that you don’t do the things that this kid did.He knew right from wrong,and now,even at 16 he needs to be held responsible.

    • PU.PC

      Got to Tuckers before the police could arrested him.
      The National Excuse for Any and All Occasions Society states
      that The Mental Health Excuse is the “IN” PC thing now.
      Highly Publicized.
      They are printing cards, like the race card.

  • Carol

    Well now with more being revealed we find out both mothers are trifling, is it a surprise. They can’t manage their own problems but still manage to keep having babies, go figure !!

  • Gerry

    The kid was already tried? And the news didn’t report on the trial? He only got mental care? What a slap to the victim’s family. At least he should be put on meds and an ankle monitor for life. Police in his precinct should be able to track him at any moments notice.

    • Carol

      If the mother wasn’t keeping up with him WHY is it everyone else’s job, an ankle monitor doesn’t stop you from wielding a hammer, doing harm to others, selling drugs it just tells your whereabouts not what your doing

      • Gerry

        This happened because his mother probably didn’t care to keep him on meds and supervised. Now, he’s free to roam the streets again. It is now the communities turn to self-police. And, as far as monitoring. The cops can track him on GPS at all times and he should be limited to certain public areas. Otherwise, what other alternatives are there? We lock him up until he turns in an adult? And then release him again?

  • Crystal

    At 16 years old he had been through enough schooling to know his actions were inappropriate regardless of the teachings of his mother. Also if this grown young adult already assaulted a young defenseless child with a hammer why the hell was he still on the streets so that he could assault and abuse and kill other children. Mental health is not an excuse several people have mental health conditions and are fully functional members of society with jobs and children and responsibilities. Mental health needs to stop being used as an excuse and an escape because it labels anyone who has a condition…whether it be depression, anxiety, of any form of mental health condition in any severity as a non functional member of society when many of them are normal people like everyone else in the world and not abuser and killers. The abusers and killers are responsible for their actions…no one else. Plenty of people with normal childhoods also grow up to kill people.

    • Lamont

      Mental Illness is not an excuse. It is a CONDITION. You can’t just turn it off. You manage it.

  • Shelly

    While I agree that parents should be parents and raise their children right, the fact of the matter is across all races, some parents dont raise their children right. Raising children the wrong way can lead to mental health issues. I think people are looking at it wrong when then say mental health and child abuse are excuses. They are not excuses but they are the reason why people turn out the way they do. While some people may be able to still “function” after being abuses, some people can not and carry on the same disfunction or violence and abuse to others. Some abuse their own children, some become murdererd, some abuse their spouse, some cheat on their spouse as an outlet, some get on drugs. People deal with child abuse and neglect differently. This boy learned violence, that was the lack of love he was shown and he demonstrated that on others. So the ways people are raised are not excuses for their actions, but are just facts. My opinion, he should not be able to walk free but should be sentenced to life in jail or mental institution because he will act in violence again if he is set free into society. However, it is sad that he along with other children are not given a fair shot by loving parents.

  • Norma Earls

    A conviction for assaulting an adult nonfamily member – jail. A conviction for assaulting one’s own child – parenting classes at SCAN to “cure” profound mental illness, substance abuse, physical/emotional child abuse. I wouldn’t be surprised if SCAN offered to inject a soul into the soul-less. Just once, I’d like to hear a murder defendant say, “I was abused as a child because the judicial system FORCED me to live with my abuser”.

  • Lamont

    There are children who are treated badly in all environments regardless of household income. However, poverty places people, particularly young parent’s like Ms. Turner, at greater risk of being classified as “neglectful” or abusive. Can you not imagine for one moment not possessing the necessary child care to provide supervision while you can go out and get errands done or work the shift with the most money? Can you imagine what kind of frustration that causes? Those lose lose situations. Many of these parents don’t have the support that many other parents take for granted but will come on here and attack her parenting. These are the parents who are on the waiting lists for head start programs. These are the parents who are grappling with parenting techniques (as most parents do) that may be harmful and may put them at greater risk of dealing with CPS, versus other families who are shielded based on their greater household income and economic status.

  • YW

    I lived next to Faith and her two children; she was not a bad mom. The incident that occurred in August of 2008 was not an actual form of abuse. She left for 15 mins and her son(the accused) caught the kitchen on fire trying to cook french fries after SHE JUST FED HIM.
    I feel terrible for all the families involved. But the news definitely made her look worse than she is/was.

  • Marie B Hines

    Wake up America.No guns, drugs or xbox shoting guns,tv movies are going to fix this and taking innocient childrens lives, Dont put the blame on mental illness or father or mom. Each becomes of age and are accountable for our own actions!!!!

    When we allowed Prayer and reading of the BIBLE out of our schools, this is what our country have come to. We come into this world with a concerious and we make choices,good,good ones and bad,bad ones and we are accountable for those decisions. God has given us answers but we choice not to abide by them. Here theyare:1.I am the Lord your God,2. You shall have no other gods before me.3.You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God.4.Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy.5.Honor your Father and Mother.6. You Shall Not Murder7.You shall not commit adultery8.You shall not steal9.You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor10.You shall not covet your neighbors house,you shall not covet your neighbors wife or anything that belongs to your neighbor.Exodus 20:1-21. These are the TEN COMMANDMENTS.

    The Greatest Commandment:Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul,this is the first and greatest commandment and the second is like the first,Love your neighbor as yourself.

    If we followed Gods laws, we would not be in this mess!!!!.

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