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Mayor approves $700k in emergency funding for city schools

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Richmond Mayor Dwight Jones

RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) – Richmond City Schools will receive more than $730,000 in “emergency funding for schools’ capital projects,” according to a statement from City Hall. The money was requested by Richmond Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Dana Bedden.

“Our first order of business was to reach our budget agreement with City Council, which we announced on Monday,” Richmond Mayor Dwight Jones said in a statement. “I’m very pleased that the compromise with City Council led to an additional $2 million being added to the $5 million in my budget for new funding for capital needs in our schools. This represents nearly a 700% increase in capital funding. The additional $732,000 requested is to be added to those funds, and I’ve committed to identifying those funds for the schools’ use.”

The capital improvements would begin after the current school year ended.

“Providing the additional funds they need to attend to the items they have now identified will ensure that building needs are continuously addressed and the school system can focus on performance issues. I don’t want them to have any distractions that may take away from addressing performance needs in our schools,” the mayor said.

Earlier this month CBS 6 investigated the condition of Richmond City Schools and found an assessment report of school facilities shows the district is in need of at least $100 million to fix everything from the brick exterior at John Marshall High School, to the vinyl asbestos floor tiles at Woodville Elementary.

“On behalf of the students, staff and School Board of Richmond Public Schools, I want to thank the Mayor for his support of our request for additional funding to address our unplanned school facility needs,” Dr. Bedden said. “Individually, I am appreciative that the Mayor extended an opportunity for me to meet and discuss these and other school- related issues with him directly. Our charge, which the administration eagerly accepts, will be to ensure the effective and efficient use of this investment to create a better teaching and learning environment for our students and staff.”

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  • reeltime

    This should raise the cost above the $15,000.00 per student. That should bring up the test scores from worst in math and 4th from worst in the state.

    • Glen Allen

      I don’t know that the per student number really tells us anything about Richmond when it comes to capital/maintenance costs because the majority of the buildings are older than most localities, and the funding has been so low, for so long. Last year they only got a little over $600,000 for 50 school buildings plus whatever other buildings they may have. If the City gave them consistent funding, money could be better budgeted, and equipment would not get so old.

  • PU.PC

    This Mayor was elected in 2009.
    He and his CAO ARE the Executives directly Responsible
    for Management of this City; its agencies, departments,
    all city assets and resources to include personnel, building,
    facilities, parks, infrastructure, maintenance and upkeep.
    Responsible for submitting the Annual Budget, and making recommendations on revenue and funding transfer matters.
    Wasn’t he in a publiized fight over school funding, with a
    previous School Board, and Superintendent?
    His Priorities have been banner Headlined for years.
    His were in a vise so he comes out with his sweet face for a
    photo op of HIS loving, caring, benevolence.
    Expect a Tax Increase to C.his.A to Cover All HIS Bases,
    Races, and Party Donors’ Welfare.

  • Carol

    This philandering idiot should have done this all along while he was too busy being a cheerleader for sports & trying to get money in his pocket while the schools fall apart, what else did he expect ??!!! That’s right he doesn’t have good sense !!!

  • Carol

    Slick as an eel in a tank full of water !! Why does he even have a job if he can’t serve & do what’s right for the people, especially the teachers and students !!

  • Carol

    We had less money when I went to school & I got a good education, in 2014 the kids are worse off than 30 years ago, go figure !!! Poor leadership. !!!

    • Becky

      Hallelujah! Amen!
      Getty harder and harder to consolidate this two-faced into one person.
      See it throughout Party with the Preachers, Party “Leaders”, Politicans.
      Words don’t match the deeds.

    • Becky

      Hallelujah! Amen!
      Getty harder and harder to consolidate this two-faced into one person.
      See it throughout Party with the Preachers, Party “Leaders”, Politicans.
      Sunday Words don’t match the daily deeds.

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