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Man charged with DUI in possible street racing crash in Hopewell

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

HOPEWELL, Va. (WTVR) -- Neighbors say it's something they see all the time: cars speeding down Woodlawn Boulevard.

They say sometimes drivers start back at the McDonalds and try to catch the green light just right.  Other times they just start at Woodlawn and Ashland Street.

Church surveillance footage now in the hands of police shows a pick-up truck and Mustang zooming by side-by-side.

"I saw the truck and car flying by,” said one neighbor who didn’t want to give his name.“They were racing."

Seconds later, a violent crash.

Hopewell Police say the driver of a Mustang slammed into the back end of a SUV and charged the Mustang’s driver, Chad Costales, with DUI.

"Broken glass was everywhere,” said Jonathan Ryan.  “It was a wreck."

That wreckage was about 25 yards from Ryan's front door.  "If I had a dollar for every time an accident was here, I'd be a rich man and could afford to move away," he said.

Hopewell investigators say they do have several witnesses claiming the Mustang and pick-up were street racing.

Neighbors hope a camera outside Liberty Baptist will provide divine intervention, something they say is needed before someone driving or walking in this area is seriously hurt or even killed.

"Seems like they pick up at the light and race to down there by the Wawa," said the anonymous neighbor.

Because of CBS 6, the Hopewell Police Department now has their hands on the church surveillance footage.  Investigators say their work continues, pointing out one man has been charged with DUI and other possible charges are pending.


  • concerned citizen

    I called the police the other night because they are always racing on cedar level road. They are side by side, double line going about 70mph. They asked me what I wanted them to do. They said they would send someone over to talk to us, I never seen anyone that night. I told the dispatcher this happens all the time and that someone is going to get killed, apparently that’s what its going to take for action. There are several places they could park and watch they could even park in my driveway, usually when we see them its two cars but its dark out so we cant tell what they are. Im praying this stops I know the police can’t be every where at all times but when someone calls and reports an incident you’d think they would investigate it. This is serious, on that road, my family and friends are pulling in and out of driveways and school all the time. There is many curves on cedar level and there is no time to stop or pull off the road if you are facing the racers. PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

  • UnKnown

    I was actually at this intersection when this accident occurred I was headed to Walgreens and was actually going to go to WaWa first but thank goodness I decided to go to Walgreens first bc that prolly would have been me in this horrible accident! This is a very bad strip for Drag Racing see it all the time. And the same stupid a** driving the truck was speeding the Mathis Baseball/Softball field where children are playing my aunt tried to get his license plate# to call him in so he obviously doesn’t care about anyone’s life!!!

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