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WATCH: Family cat saves boy from dog attack

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(WTVR) – A California man posted some pretty incredible video to YouTube today. It appears to be video from a home security system that shows the family cat springing to action and fighting off a stray dog that attacked the man’s son.

Editor’s note: The video ends with images of the boy’s injuries. Viewer discretion advised.

“My cat defends my son during a vicious dog attack and runs the dog off before he can do additional damage,” Roger Triantafilo posted. “Thankfully, my son is fine!”


    • Misty Soyars Dooley

      The dog didnt come back….that was the cat that went back under the vehicle after it chased the dog off….she was probably trying to get a good look (description) and see where the dog went to let the police/dog warden know.

    • Daniel

      “For the visually impaired”.. Okay firstly: someone that is visually impaired wouldn’t be able to read your comment. Secondly: you actually say “watch it a few times”…. I know that you were meaning that as an insult to the ignorant person who thought the dog came back, however you made yourself look like an idiot….

  • connie

    Reading these comments explains why you can’t trust some people eye witness accounts. Some people can’t even tell the difference between a dog and a cat.

  • cinmit

    heck yeah! that would be MY CAT TOO!!! I figured the Mom saw the bite and had to get a good look at the dog to report it.

  • Karen Tate

    I am not trying to attack the mom or anything, but had it been me I would have picked the boy up and then run into the house to all animal control.

  • Patricia MacKenzie

    I love that the cat went back to his boy (yes, I said, “his boy”), to check on him. I hope the cat got a nice can of real tuna fish for his act of bravery and compassion.

  • Nunya

    Don’t you think it’s strange that the dad had such good “footage” of the dog coming up along the fence before it went around the car? How many camera angles did he possibly have? A 360 around his home? Great job dad for not going to your sons rescue! Just stay focused on getting the footage with hopes it would go “viral”. This world is sick.

    • Jean

      According to dialogue with the video it’s from surveillance cameras set around the property.

    • Patricia MacKenzie

      The time stamp on the footage is 4:51 p.m. on a weekday – I don’t know about you but many parents work during the day, so possibly the Dad wasn’t home because he was WORKING? And, I have 8-surveillance cameras around my house and can arrange bits and pieces of video from those cameras into a video stream, such as Tara’s Dad did. Tara, by the way, is the name of the hero cat in the video – this video was on the evening news on every major network last night. ABC interviewed the parents and the cat’s name is Tara. Tara followed the couple home five years ago and after the baby boy was born 4-years ago the cat and boy became inseparable.

  • Sarah Austin

    So many using pugnacious remarks–do they make you a better person? Judging the response of the mother without knowing the facts is just wrong. There are many reasons she might have ran i.e. another baby might even have been in harms way…

  • T

    i want that cat!..that was awesome what she did..and to think she was once a stray searching for a home..that cat had some gonads…but most cats do lol

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