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RPD lieutenant finds python in Chimborazo Park

RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) — A Richmond police lieutenant rescued a python from Chimborazo Park Sunday.

Lieutenant Daniel Minton said he found the snake in the back of the park, packed it up in his car and took it home.

At last check, the snake was in his kitchen.

The python was not quite the Mother’s Day present his wife was expecting, so Minton said he will likely have to give the reptile away.

“That’s the head in the middle of the photo,” Minton tweeted to Joe St. George. “The snake and I are looking for a new home. #MothersDay”

A man posted on the Church Hill People’s News website Saturday morning that he saw the snake while he was walking his dog in the park.

“Walking dog this morning in Chimborazo Park. Saw snake exactly like this one. It is a ball python. about 4 1/2 feet long; no collar; not friendly. Near gazebo & “hospital rock”. NO I did not bring it home…,” the man wrote on the website.


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