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Brothers claim HGTV bullied into canceling show over religious, homosexual views

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CONCORD, NC (WBTV) – A pair of twin brothers is speaking out after Home & Garden Television (HGTV) canceled their new reality show, which was set to launch Fall 2014, after a watch group issued a report on the brothers’ “extreme right-wing views.”

The announcement from HGTV came on Wednesday afternoon.

In a statement on social media, HGTV said it “decided not to move forward with the Benham Brothers’ series.”

The company was referring to Concord-based brothers David and Jason Benham who were set to star in a new show called “Flip It Forward” this fall.

On Tuesday, HGTV announced it was “reviewing all information about the Benhams” after a group “dedicated to monitoring and reporting on the activities of right-wing political organizations” issued a report on the Benhams.

Right Wing Watch reported that David Benham is a “right-wing activist who has campaigned against LGBT equality and reproductive rights, taking after his father, preacher Flip Benham.”

Phillip “Flip” Benham is a minister and head of the protest group, Operation Save America, which is based out of Concord, N.C.

The group claims it “unashamedly takes up the cause of preborn children in the name of Jesus Christ. We employ only biblical principles.”

Rev. Benham was convicted of stalking a Charlotte abortion doctor in 2011 after passing out hundreds of “wanted” posters with the physician’s name and photo on it.

He was sentenced to 18 months of probation and ordered to stop any intimidating behaviors.

Prosecutors said Benham distributed photos with the names and photos of several Charlotte doctors who perform abortions and the words “Wanted … By Christ, to Stop Killing Babies.”

The brothers released a statement on Thursday morning to WBTV.

“We were saddened to hear HGTV’s decision. With all of the grotesque things that can be seen and heard on television today you would think there would be room for two twin brothers who are faithful to our families, committed to biblical principles, and dedicated professionals,” it read in part.

“If our faith costs us a television show then so be it.”

In a press conference Thursday afternoon, Jason and David Benham said HGTV has been aware of their religious beliefs for over a year.

“They found some things on the Internet that we said that could easily be misconstrued, and so they said ‘you know what let’s talk about it’,” David said. “‘What do you guys really feel? What do you believe?’ And Jason and I met face to face with one of the executives, and after that meeting they said ‘you know what there’s not a drop of hate in these guys hearts’.”

“Jason and I have gone round and round with our Dad so many times about things we disagree with and he has said things that gets pinned on us,” David told WBTV.

They said anyone who suggests that they hate homosexuals or people of other faiths is “either misinformed or lying.”

“Over the last decade, we’ve sold thousands of homes with the guiding principle of producing value and breathing life into each family that has crossed our path,” their statement read. “And we do not, nor will we ever discriminate against people who do not share our views.”

“We sell houses to homosexuals. We remodel homes for Muslims. I mean, we love them all,” David said.

“Some things that were said about us are completely untrue,” Jason added.

The brothers’ marketing representative says he’s still hopeful that HGTV will change its mind about canceling the show.

On the Benhams’ website, they said the show would feature the brothers guiding families “who are new to house flipping as they find the right place, fix it up and flip it.”

WBTV reached out to HGTV for additional information about the show’s cancellation.

“HGTV is not moving forward with the Benham Brothers’ series at this time,” a network officials told WBTV. “We’re not commenting beyond this statement. Thank you.”

“Yesterday, when the Twitter bomb started through Right Wing Watch, that’s when the heat rose for HGTV,” Jason said.

The Benham brothers have said they don’t condone homosexuality.

Concord resident Gladys Streeter says if you announce that you disapprove of a lifestyle “That’s discrimination as far as I’m concerned,” she says. “It is.”

But Mitch Mase, also a Concord resident, says their feelings on it shouldn’t matter.

“I think TV stations are too cautious when it comes to religious beliefs,” he said. “They don’t want to make anybody mad.”

McKenzie Miller, also in Concord, points out that other shows feature controversial figures.

“If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. It’s just like Duck Dynasty. A lot of people don’t like Duck Dynasty and they didn’t get kicked off the air,” she said.


  • Chuck Anziulewicz

    I just watched an interview with Benham Twins on CNN. First of all, their claim that the views of Christians were being “silenced” is BS, since many Gay people ARE Christian, and many Christian churches support equality for Gay Americans. And when they talk about the sinister “Gay Agenda,” they never detail what that “agenda” is. Well, Straight people have never had to worry about being fired from their jobs, kicked out of their rental properties, turned away from businesses, or denied the right to marry the person they love just because of THEIR sexual orientation. I don’t think it’s asking too much that Gay people shouldn’t have to worry about these things either. THAT’S what the “Gay Agenda” is.

    David Benham has made it abundantly clear that he thinks marriage equality for law-abiding, taxpaying Gay couples is somehow “attacking the nation,” and that, “We are not going to allow the demonic forces and agendas behind them to destroy life.” Sorry, but I think that goes a little beyond the pale.

    • buzz

      Chuck. you have just proven how stupid and how much of a low info idiot you realy are! Have you seen the news lately about these idiotic atheists attacking everything Christian related? public meetings that begin with prayer that the scotus just said is now o k for all meetings to begin with prayer. Now the carrol county clowns who sued the board of commishoiners, The athieists , are going back to court to make sure a religous person starts the prayer before every session/meeting instead of the commisioners. What about the musilims in n j that beheaded 2 people this past November and dumped them in the wood in south jersey all because they where christian and they wanted to steal the car they had? The slaughter of tens of thousands of christains in the world, in europe, the raping of kids in the u s at the hands of these pigs? You want to tell me that our christain religion is not under attack? Our rights from the IRS to freely choose what we want as represenatives in the goverment is not under attack due to our religous beliefs? Again your just a uneducated low info voter who has no idea what the hell your talking about

      • jumbojetty

        If *you’re going to call someone uneducated, you should know the difference between you’re and your. And *you’re missing the point anyway. This isn’t an example of some imaginary “war on Christians,” many if not most Christians don’t share their views. This was a business decision. HGTV was well within it’s rights to decide it didn’t want these two representing the network.

        Maybe they can get a show on a fundamentalist network with a more receptive audience.

  • SeeTransparently

    Set up to suit Democratic liberal, progressive Government with
    Media Pravda, has Carte Blanche to say, do, act, rant, rage,
    outrage, over-act/perform, over-emote and spew; daily,
    on any of the Party’s Special Interests of the Day Favorites.
    PC Exclusive for MEEEEE ONLY SOP/MO/Mantras.
    Snoop Dogg, Rangle, Reid the Mouth, Pelosi, Sharpton,
    NAACP, NB Panthers with bounty on a cracker’s head, etc.
    LEFT the LEFT to the LEFTIST Radical Extremists.
    Let them PAY/Sponsor/Watch/Finance and Support their own
    Crapola as their Celebrity Entertainment Government.

  • buzz

    Libturds. They are the scourge of america and are as despicable , as vile, as hateful, as muslims and atheists

  • athynz

    How utterly hypocritical. I’m sure if the twin’s father embraced the homosexual way they would have green lighted the show and could not get it aired fast enough. I could understand the outcry IF the twins promoted their beliefs on the show or indeed shared beliefs with their father but like many other things these liberal progressive groups cannot stand by and give people a chance – the party of peace, love, tolerance, and personal rights is utterly intolerant of views not their own.

    • jumbojetty

      The only thing HGTV was “intolerant” of was the over the top INTOLERANCE these twins have espoused. Here’s a tip to any aspiring television personalities: keep your antiquated politics to yourself, especially if you hope to have a show on the HOME AND GARDEN network.

      The only victim here is common sense.

      • athynz

        ” jumbojetty
        May 11, 2014 at 2:26 pm
        The only thing HGTV was “intolerant” of was the over the top INTOLERANCE these twins have espoused.”

        Oh? Could you post proof of this? Honestly I have not heard of these guys until this article and according to the article it’s the views of their father that has caused this not theirs. So if you could post proof of your words that would be great.

        Here’s a tip to any aspiring television personalities: keep your antiquated politics to yourself, especially if you hope to have a show on the HOME AND GARDEN network.”

        And don’t forget the message of “either think like we do or else suffer the consequences”. This from the party of peace, love, and tolerance…

        “The only victim here is common sense.”

        Along with common courtesy and a willingness to discuss these issues openly in an adult manner.

  • erobbins

    HGTV has always been one of my favorite channels to watch. I am so very disappointed in their decision to not air this show because of the brothers beliefs. I do not hate on gays or lesbians, it is not my place to judge. Why can this network not allow people of the christian faith have a show just as they have allowed gays and lesbians. The brothers are doing good for people in this world that need help. Tought that was a good thing!!! It is OK that they don’t condone homosexuality. Just because someone dosent agree with the lifestyle of another dosen’t mean they don’t care for and love that person.What is happening in this crazy world we live in???

  • Kris Joynes Chapin

    Again, what do their beliefs have to do with the show? They aren’t preaching in this show, from what I gather. Duck Dynasty proved that is isn’t an issue, but they were already on the air and had a huge following when such things were brought up.

    • jumbojetty

      Their (publicly stated) beliefs have a LOT do with whether or not they will make good representatives for the network. This shouldn’t be news to anyone who’s had a job which puts them in the public eye. If these guys are truly surprised by this outcome they’re either disingenuous or just plain dumb.

  • abby o'conner

    Well…This is crazy! If shows like My Five Wives and Sister Wives are allowed to air with their religious opinions this shouldn’t even be a concern.There are very few TV shows now that a family can set down and watch together. Try explaining to a 5 year old why a child has 5 moms and one dad….

  • concerned

    As I have watched and read so many things in the last few years one thing seems to have held true….if you have an opinion or belief or thought that is different than the LGBT then you are considered a racist or uninformed! Let me say that my faith allows me to love everyone no matter what their ethnic background or their sexual orientation. You can love someone and still not agree with their beliefs or choice of sexual partner. I pray for all my family and friends that God blesses them and keeps them safe and shows them the right path in life. I truly enjoy watching HGTV but I can honestly say with a clear conscience and quilt free heart that I will no longer view their shows if they continue to discriminate against Christians.

  • CeeCee

    “If our faith costs us a television show then so be it.”

    — their FAITH didn’t cost them their television show, the way they LIVE those principles of that faith DID. You can live the gospel of Jesus with out being hateful, judgmental and holier than thou!

  • Brenda

    From HGTV’s own website ‘message boards’ HGTV posted.. “.Be Nice. No name calling, personal attacks or flaming.
    Certain words will trigger moderation of the post. These words mostly cover political and religious topics, which are OFF the topics covered by HGTV.” TOO BAD HGTV DOES NOT FOLLOW IT’S OWN WORDS AND LEAVES POLITICAL AND RELIGION OUT OF IT’S PROGRAMMING…….

  • sherry

    I will not be watching HGTV anymore. Sad that only one view point can be tolerated. liberals talk about tolerance but don’t show any. I’m sure the brothers views would not be part of the show anyway. I’m tired of being told what I can watch by a few vocal people who seem to force their views on everyone else. Shame on HGTV for giving in to the pressure. And to bad for the people who would have benefited from having their homes renovated

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