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Chris Brown gets 131 days for probation violation

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LOS ANGELES (CNN) -- Singer Chris Brown on Friday admitted to violating his probation and was ordered by a judge to serve one year in jail.

The judge said that Brown will get credit for time served, meaning he's set to serve another 131 days in the Los Angeles County Jail.

But Brown's lawyer, Mark Geragos, told CNN that he expects Brown to be released from custody by the county sheriff within the next week.

Doing so would be in accordance with how many inmates are treated -- given jail overcrowding and other factors, according to Geragos.

Brown's probation for the 2009 beating of ex-girlfriend Rihanna was revoked after his arrest in connection to a misdemeanor assault charge out of Washington.

He has since spent over six weeks in custody and five months in court-ordered rehab.


  • Glen Allen

    The math doesn’t seem to add up here, if he has been in jail for the past 6 weeks, that equals 42 days, there are 365 days in a year. 365 days minus 42 days equals 323 more days to serve, not 131.

    Why not just fine the loser 1 million dollars and call it a day. The million dollars would do the justice system much better than having his dumb a$$ stinking up a jail.

  • PU.PC

    This is not acceptable for a PC preferred black celebrity under new
    era PC Court/Justice system. If he systematically breaks all the rules and restrictions under probation, anger management, work release, etc.,
    he should ceremoniously be released for “good behavior” under

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