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VIDEO: Driver tries to escape worst parking job ever

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MONROEVILLE, Pa. (WTVR) - The women working at Sport Clips could not believe their eyes. When they looked out the window into the parking lot and saw a man trying to get out of a spot where he was perpendicular to other cars.

The women grabbed a mobile phone to shoot video of the man's futile attempts to get out of the parking spot. As the driver banged into the SUV parked next to him, the women had a feeling the driver would try to drive off without reporting the dents he left behind.

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"The guy that hit him was trying to leave. The one stylist in here was like, 'No, no, no. You're not leaving.' She did everything she could. We had to call the cops," Sport Clips employee Ashley Miller told

The driver was not charged since he did not leave the parking lot before police arrived.

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  • Blackbeered

    Overblown .. it’s obvious what happened … he paralleled parked first in a perpendicular area

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