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How rude! Granddaughter outraged over nasty letter real estate agent sent grandparents

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OCEAN CITY, N.J. (WTVR) – A woman took to Facebook after she said a real estate agent sent a nasty letter to her grandparents in Ocean City, New Jersey, according to a report on

In the letter, the agent chided the couple for parking on their front lawn.

“I’m trying to sell million dollar homes in the neighborhood,” the letter states. “I drive my clients around and they see your car parked sideways on the front lawn! You have a driveway – use it!”

When the couple’s granddaughter got a hold of the letter, she responded to anonymous agent on Facebook.

“Did you take a moment to wonder why my grandfather parks in that lot?” she wrote. “Did it cross your mind that he may do it to be closer to his front door? Did you even take ONE second to consider your inconsiderate, ignorant actions before you scribbled your frustration on that piece of printer paper?”

Stephanie Powley’s Facebook post has been shared more than 1,000 times.


  • athynz

    What a common cowardly way to address the situation. If that real estate agent had any cajones he’d have at least put this letter on his letterhead or put his name on it. He reminds me of the many anonymous keyboard warriors on here.

    • Really???

      P.S. when you move into a million dollar community, typically you have to abide by homeowners’ associations…. Part of me understands the homeowners and her granddaughters’ POV. Yet If you can afford a million dollar home with a several car garage, you can afford a rascal and a ramp….Its nothing more than the grand-daughter looking to escalate the situation over FB and social media….. Both are at fault in different ways to me… THIS IS NOT NEWS….. PLEASE COVER MORE ABOUT THE WORLD…. NOT PARKING SITUATIONS IN RICH NEIGHBORHOODS……

      • athynz

        Really? No offense to the man’s home but does his house look like a million dollar home? His house does not have multiple garages and the like. From what I’ve read about this his home was there years prior to the million dollar homes that stuck up common real estate agent was trying to sell.

  • AneeterB

    In regard to the people parking on their front lawn it all comes down to city ordinance. The home occupant’s age, accessibility/disability, etcetera does not make a difference. This is why we have laws, codes, homeowners associations, etcetera in place.

    As to the nasty gram dropped off. I don’t blame the author. You never know how people will react when confronted with criticism. Also, everyone is giving the author the benefit of the doubt that they are in fact a realtor, could just be a disgruntled neighbor throwing the neighbor in question off their scent.

    • Angie

      I for one don’t agree with stupid homeowners associations. No one will tell why I can and can’t do with a home that I own. They don’t even live in that neighborhood so they need to mind their business.

    • jaybyrde

      And this is the reason I will not move into a neighborhood that has a homeowners assoc. If the assoc wants to make my mortgage payments or pay my taxes then yes they can tell me what i can or cannot do otherwise shut up

    • athynz

      To put it bluntly screw a homeowners association. I flatly refuse to purchase a home in a neighborhood that has one because the house and land I bought will not be subject to the whims of some petty dictator – the recent issues with the day care in Brandermill are a prime example of that sort of thing. IF an HOA floats your boat more power to you – enjoy dealing with petty rules such as what color one’s mailbox has to be.

      • athynz

        This is a decision that has been some time coming but I had decided to stop feeding the troll called David. It’s obvious his only motivation is to encourage comments back and thereby gain some twisted form of recognition. It was amusing at first to see what he’d say next – it’s kinda like walking into an episode of Honey Boo Boo where it’s horrific but you can’t look away – but it has since lost it’s appeal.

  • isa

    I have to say that I can understand the Realtor’s concerns. Parking sideways on a front lawn, not only would destroy the yard, but also looks suspicious and questionable about the neighborhood’s value. Yes, the agent should have addressed the concern in a different manner, but not knowing what or who she/he would be up against, writing a note would be safer. The letter did not use profanity or abusive language. It suggest to the homeowner to use their drive way. It just so happens that the homeowners were elderly and had a reason for parking in their yard oppose to their drive way, In a neighborhood of million dollar homes (prestigious living) neighbors and future residence would not expect to see vehicles parked on a front lawn as you would see in the projects or country living. I am sympathetic to the limitations of elderly people, there must be some understanding of resident and future residence concerns.

    • Tessie

      My sister and I have always thought people who parked their vehicles on their lawn in front of their house was so tacky. If granpa or grandma live in a million dollar neighbor hood … they can afford others means to make it handicap friendly. We by no means live in a million dollar neighbor hood and when my leg was broken .. still did not park on lawn to get closer to house. TACKY !!!

    • Classy

      Well said, and I agree with you. Keep it classy people if you have class, looks like many of you don’t.

  • bp

    I don’t agree with how the real estate person handled the situation. I do agree that the person should park in their driveway. I agree that it could make potential buyers think twice about buying a house next to that person. Another thing is that if that couple is Unable to walk from the driveway to their own front door then maybe that person should not be Driving at all! How can you tell me that a person who cannot walk from their car to their own front door is able to drive properly! Just something for the family member who is soooo upset about this note to think about.

  • Sylvia JARVIS

    Good for you sticking up for your grandparents
    My parents passed away early and it is awesome to see the photo of you with each of them. How cute they are and one can see the love

  • Sandy

    I would suspect that if those folks have lived there as long as they have, had their parking been an issue with the other neighbors or the municipality they live in, something would have been done about it long before now.

  • Paula Kennedy

    What the heck is the world coming to?? If ya own your home, park your car where you want to!!

  • Classy

    I can see that many of you are moldy retarded and tacky as well. What a shame, move to the country if you want to “Do what you want”.

    • athynz

      What you fail to realize is this: ultimately the property is HIS to do with as he wishes – IOW if he wants to park his car at the base of the steps so be it. That’s HIS business. As for your “move to the country” crack – the man was in that home prior to the million dollar homes. Why didn’t THEY move to the country if they didn’t want to see that sort of thing?

    • Rebecca

      Wow, your user name is “Classy,” but you still use the offensive term “retarded” to scold people? I guess you used up all the “class” misspelling the word “mildly.”

  • Wayne Tatum

    What does living in the country have to do with one knows why they parked on the lawn, no one evidently has asked, but city or country if I have a reason to park on my lawn then I the way I park in my driveway but if I needed to I would.oh and classy just because you call yourself that doesn’t mean you have any class.calling people retarded for voicing their opinion is pretty low class to me.our vets fought and died so people including yourself has the right to speak their mind.

  • Kim Powell

    So if I live in Arizona with no grass(rocks instead)Then I can park in my
    front yard? Classy I think not. Those people lived their before the million
    dollar homes. So how bully of you to tell them they need to live not
    as they have but as you say. God is just shaking his head I’m sure.

  • Becca

    There is no reason for the Realtor to address them at all IF there is a home owners association then the Realtor should know about the home owners association and if they have an issue (and there isn’t some arrangement made with the home owners association for the sake of the handicap) then the home owners association would be the one to send notice or make the grandparents aware that there is an issue same goes for if it’s a disgruntled neighbor covering their tracks but I doubt that it is if her grandparents are known and loved in the community the Realtor was wrong they did not go through the proper channels and that’s the end of that.

    • Becca

      And based on her facebook the claim that the resident grandparents are known and loved in the community seems to be accurate also the fact their neighbors and friends came to their grand daughters call to share the post also suggets that this is a non-issue for the residence looking at the way the house is layed out at the news report footage the yard is well maintained and the car does not look bad where it is positioned it looks as though an elderly couple who has someone do their lawn parks there for convenience or as if there is someone with a physical handicap that needs it there that would have been my thought having had grandparents and viewing being driven around the type of car it is would not suggest illegal activity in my mind and their driveway is positioned in such a way that indeed it would be extremely inconvenient if elderly to park there. all logic points to this Realtor is upset over nothing or else is a projectionist to an extremely high degree this couple is not trashing up the neighborhood personally I’d put a handicapped sign on the railing and call it a day at most.

  • Mari Bonomi

    First, there are no homeowners associations in the older sections of Ocean City (and since they’ve lived in the house for decades, it’s an older section!).

    Second, there are no city ordinances about parking that affect this private residence.

    Third, I suspect that this ‘realtor’ is probably not a realtor at all, but just some mean-spirited jackarse.

  • Bob Mcnaughty

    That Lady would hate to drive by our house with races cars torn down in pieces in the driveway and parts just left every where and a motor hanging from a tree in the side yard

  • OceanCityVacationer

    I’ve been vacationing in Ocean City NJ my entire life. I’m 36 now, I’ve watched the houses change over the years from a couple bedroom cottages to split level homes with 3-4 bedrooms per level. You have million dollar homes that have been built beside houses that are dilapidated and poor looking. These poorer homes mortgages are already payed in full most of the time and they arent selling. So if these millionaires want to build these million dollar beach houses in Ocean City they need to accept the fact that there neighbors are not going to have similar beliefs and feelings towards life. Oh and If this person/realtor is concerned about the way the parking looks then they should visit Ocean City in the summer when there is virtually no parking at all, people park anywhere they can at the beach in the summer as long as they can’t get towed tough s#%t.
    Quick shot out to Manco and Manco pizza and Voltaco’s subs.

  • karel

    Somehow now parking is “offensive”? to home buyers? if anyone get’s THAT upset about some one else parking on THEIR property, maybe they need to rethink living in a place where the idiots control what color garbage cans you are allowed to have and all the rest- buy land out in a rural area and do what you want FREE OF NEIGHBORS!

  • Deborah Clary

    …and that’s the reason we purchased land out in the Country…can’t even see my nearest neighbor…I still live in Midlothian for the time being and I park my LaSabre or my Ford Five Hundred or my 1990 Pontiac Bonneville anywhere I please in my yard…if the neighbors have an issue with it, they can put up a privacy fence! …and if I wan’t, I’ll bring my 1962 Massey Ferguson farm tractor home and park that in my yard!

  • Gillian Pearman

    You all seem to think $1m homes are somehow expensive, that’s nothing compared to living just outside London! And I’m talking ordinary homes here.

    Grow up as in the great scheme of things it really doesn’t where these people park. Be nice to each other!

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