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Former Chesterfield substance abuse program director sentenced for DWI

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CHESTERFIELD, Va. (WTVR) – The former leader of a group dedicated to preventing substance abuse among Chesterfield teenagers has been sentenced for his arrest last year.

Glenn Wayne Frith was fined $250.00 and given a 90-day suspended jail term Tuesday.

Frith became the Executive Director of Chesterfield’s SAFE program in 2005, but resigned after his arrest in Hopewell in December, 2013.

Police say he was outside a Rite Aid on Oaklawn Boulevard when he was arrested and charged with DWI. However, that charge was later amended to misdemeanor reckless driving-speeding in excess of 80 mph.




  • Hang 10

    According to the RTD mr. Frith was not driving or behind the wheel of his car. Police were investigating an accident and while his car was similar he was not involved in the accident. Of course he had no business drinking and driving so in that sense perhaps an accident was prevented. Still it is troubling that police can hang out and wait for you, hit you with a test while they “suspect” something. Imagine if they waited close to a huge number or watering holes every Fri and Sat night and just walked up and asked folks to blow…then the folks (not driving mind you) get a DWI.
    Seems a bit 1984 to me.

  • Stam

    Why does the headline imply that it was a DWI when the article states that he wasn’t found guilty of a DWI?

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