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Collegiate Road Nationals are warm up for next year’s world race

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) -- After a three-day USA cycling event, the River City is now preparing for a much bigger event.

While a national championship cannot be called a warm-up lap, the Collegiate Road Nationals gave the city a chance to see how they will handle next year's ICU Road World Championships.

"They handled it back when it was Tour DuPont and Tour de Trump, so they should be able to handle it no problem,” cycling fan Kenny Wyattie said.

Organizers estimate the 2015 races will need more than double the infrastructure to handle the nearly 500,000 people expected during the nine-day event.

"It's also been a great test for the community at large at how to handle traffic patterns and get around," Richmond 2015’s Lee Kallman said.

The course college athletes tackled Sunday was nearly identical to ones the world-class road racers will see next year.

As a result, if your favorite restaurant was blocked off this year, you can expect the same in 2015. However, even though Kuba-Kuba was blocked to traffic, Tea Thrower said they did not take much of a hit.

"We're a little slower, but we've been rocking since 9 a.m. this morning," she said.

While the financial impact from Richmond 2015 is estimated in the hundreds of millions of dollars, the cycling community said Richmond’s logistical test appears to have been successful.

"I think it's going to be a great event.  I think the world is going to have a great time here.  They're going to go away with a wonderful memory for an event in Richmond," USA Cycling President and CEO Steve Johnson said.


  • Garry Marshall

    That’s what I would like to know. I saw about thirty people at Poe’s Pub watching 6 cyclists roll in followed guided by 3 police vehicles in front and rear. This was all on a freshly paved road. Meanwhile, I have a pot hole the size of a wading pool in front of my house. This seems like a tremendous amount of resources for something so small that folks don’t even seem to want to watch.

  • pupc

    Don’t think we are getting anything other than the Government/Media, Inc.’s Propagandized version of one of their favored Special Interest Consortium’s shut downs of their Positively Richmond.
    Did not see media pictures of the throngs of tourists and residents
    lining the streets to offset the costs to tax payers, motorists, residents and businesses.
    Nine Days in 2015?
    Is this another one of those infamous “Deals” without public/tax
    payers voice, will, say or Vote to how their Taxes are spent?
    Any Media reports on how much Tax Payers were charged
    versus the UIC Consortium’s Rule and Sponsors?

  • Dorthula Rae

    Gotta say, this bike race caused a huge loss in revenue to the vendors and restaurants downtown. Very few spectators on Friday. Many businesses closed due to road closures. Shame on the city. Hosting bike races in a downtown area is not the way to help out a decaying city.

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