Tim Kaine to endorse Hillary Clinton for president unless…

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Tim Kaine

WASHINGTON (CNN) — Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine’s trip to South Carolina this weekend to address the state Democratic Party’s Jefferson-Jackson Dinner comes with dash of 2016 presidential intrigue.

A Spanish-fluent former Democratic Party chairman and one-time governor from an emergent swing state in the South, Kaine’s understated political skills and sterling reputation among party insiders would make him an instantly credible White House candidate, if a dark horse.

Of course, that’s if Hillary Clinton doesn’t run. And Kaine will make it known on Saturday that he plans to support to Clinton in 2016 if she decides to embark on a White House bid, according to Democrats familiar with his plans.

Kaine is to announce at a South Carolina Women’s Democratic Council breakfast in Columbia that he is joining Ready for Hillary, a pro-Clinton Super PAC that’s been laying political groundwork for the former Secretary of State should she seek the 2016 nomination. He’s also set to deliver a short speech extolling Clinton’s qualifications for the White House.

“Secretary Hillary Clinton is the best person to be our 45th President for many reasons,” Kaine will say, according to prepared remarks provided to CNN. “She is a classic American optimist with the background and experiences necessary to lead this country in a very complicated world.”

Kaine was one of Barack Obama’s first public supporters, and one of few top-tier Democrats to oppose Clinton, after Obama announced his upstart presidential campaign in 2007.

“I was and am proud that I was an early supporter of our great President,” Kaine will say on Saturday. “I made my decision early because I knew something—he was the right person for the job but getting there would be hard. And I figured that the sooner I started helping him in Virginia, the more helpful I would be.”

“I’m stating my support for Hillary Clinton today for the same reason,” he will say. “She’s the right person for the job.”

If Clinton decides not to run, Kaine will be making the most of his South Carolina jaunt with a packed political schedule that will introduce him to key Democrats in the state.

Along with the breakfast and the J-J Dinner, Kaine attended Rep. Jim Clyburn’s annual Fish Fry, a casual yearly meet-and-greet for Democratic activists and officials, on Friday evening in Columbia.

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  • buzz

    A libtard endorsing a murderer. Just what the world needs. You clowns who vote for this wench if shes not charged with murder and thrown in jail by then are as stupid and low info as ghetto trash

    • Becky

      The Infamous Clinton Dynasty has racked up 43 deaths directly
      related to their close friends, cohorts, financiers, body guards, Ambassador Stevens and American Service Members.
      That is just too pointedly coincidental to be a happenstance
      coincidence. Forty-three is too big a number.
      More PC transparent Cover Ups.

  • Becky

    Kaine, infamous Obama Pol-I-Licker. Obamacare.
    – Both Kaine and his Wife have been continuously and handsomely
    Paid Back for absolute servitude, kowtowing, and towing Party Line.
    – As part-time Governor/DNC Chair, Kaine orchestrated the new party
    SOP/MO: The First character assassination of an opponent Governor,
    and the Derailment of Wisconsin’s State Government by Party Government Walkout.
    The Obama/Kaine SOP was to back their Union Financiers;
    Not the Union of States; as their their Oaths and Jobs required.
    –Walker WON!!! Under his governance, he gave Wisconsin Tax Payers
    $1 Billion in Tax Savings back to State Tax Payers!!!

  • wesr

    Anything is better than a lying, racist Republican, which they all are. The Repukelicans are all for corporations and the 1%.

    • PUPC

      So lib: Snoop Dogg, Cummings, Sharpton, Jackson, NAACP, NB
      Panthers with bounty on a cracker head, Black Caucuses, Holder,
      Oprah, Lebron, Jordon, Beiber, Mayweather, etc. are all activated as operatives;, and as the radical, racial arm and armies, of the Republicans Party?, under Soros’ Governance?, with first
      AA President as the charming Celebrity Spokesperson?

      • PUPC

        An analysis of the Top 20 Richest People in America (from Forbes Top 100) reveals that a full 60% are actually Democrats. Furthermore, if you look at it from a “family” point of view and not as individuals, that ratio widens even further to: 25% Republican / 75% Democrat.
        Name like Bloomberg, Buffet, Gates, Oprah, Soros, Larry Ellison, etc.

      • PUPC

        ..Just Locally; repetitively, consistently, financing the Democratic Party Rule of Dominance of, by, and for Party Governance by Special Interests without Say, Exclusively for Democratic Exclusive Party:
        …Dominion, Altria, Bon Secours, Verizon, Timmons, McQuire Woods, Martin Agency, Anthem BC/BS, Genworth, Westmeadvaco, All Public Media Outlets, Lawyers, Bankers, Tax subsidized VCU, VUU, VSU,
        the Banks, Lawyers, Developers, Contractors, Real Estate Businesses.

      • buzz

        Or the illegal gun running in syria, Mexico, That eric The raicst Holder has yet to be held responsable for. The scandals involving the IRS The black panthers. The list goes on. The democraps deflect and blame everyone but themselves. They lie and cheat to get what they want and the people have had enough

    • buzz

      dear uneducated libtard. The top 1 pct pay over 75 pct of the federal and state taxes in the country while useless loser trash like you countuosly attack them and mooch off the tax payers who pay nothing . What little they pay back into the system they get back in refunds they dont deserve like the earned income credit and refunds for children they have while on welfare since they cant keep there legs shut. So again take your uneductaed opinions and shove them up your uneducated butt

    • buzz

      another racist libturd who has to pull the race card and spew hate, lies and misinformation when confronted with the truth. You libturds are as wothless and despicable human beings . Your as worthless as muslims and athiests

    • athynz

      And how many liberal progressives are part of that 1%? How many members of congress who are libpros, how many hollywood libpros? And how about Dirty Harry Reid who was trying to sell public land to a Chinese company to make some personal profit?

  • Aaron Smith

    I recommend this site change its commenting moderation fast before it finds itself being investigated. That, is, unless you want to declare this site a CONSERVATIVE/REPUBLICAN site. If you do, then you won’t have anything to worry about.

    • buzz

      anyone notice how libturds hate the truth? they always get so defensive and so insulting with the comments

      • PUPC

        YES! It IS clear, transparent, Party SOP, MO. and Mantras.
        Run, hide, escape, evade, deny, excuse, Blame, Contempt of
        Congress, Laws, Constitution and Enforcement with NO Sunshine,
        Open Government Allowed Contort, manipulate, manage, control,
        and subvert all facts to Forward Agenda through Propandizing.
        When that doesn’t work, attack, demean, debase and “disenfranchise”,
        any but the Exclusive/Inclusive Party favorites.

    • PUPC

      This is a Government/Media, Inc. outlet that systematically Propagandizes The Democratic form of Government, of, by, and
      for its partnered Consortiums’ rich, elite, entitled Special Interests
      that bulldozes and actually governs, out from under, over, around,
      and by-passes, not only We The People but the Legislated
      Government Processes, Laws, Constitution, and Enforcement.

  • Aaron Smith

    Clintons responsible for 43 deaths? Wow. That’s close to the millions of deaths George W. Bush is responsible for. Interesting.

    Four dead, 7 congressional hearings. How many congressional hearings should we have for the over 3,000 people who died because of the incompetence of George Bush? 10,000 hearings? You let me know.

    • buzz

      Hey stupid! the democraps had control of both houses the last 2 years Bush was in office! stop blaming him you idiot! again its the democraps fault you idiot!

    • athynz

      Millions? Oh you mean because of the military actions that the liberal progressive controlled congress endorsed while Bush was president. Yes indeed, many of your libpro idols share the responsibility of those deaths. What is especially interesting is that the libpros decried the actions later claiming faulty intelligence and the lack of the existence of the WMDs – which made their way to Syria which Obama was more than willing to invade with the blessing of the same libpros. You want to discuss presidential murders? How about the unarmed drone strikes against American citizens abroad without any sort of due process and quite a bit of collateral damage – strikes authorized by Obama?

      • David

        Yep, Athynz is still an ignorant dufus. It is truely amazing what he thinks he knows. He has no more of a clue about anything than his neocon buddies spewing stupidity on this page.

      • athynz

        Yup David is still a trolling POS who cannot do anything more than yap at his betters. Come on David I ask you yet again to prove me wrong. There is a reason why you have yet to do so after at least a year of constant trolling.

    • PUPC

      Did you read? These are the close, personal Clinton friends, cohorts,
      financiers, body guards, and friend, Stevens, etc.
      It does not say all those lost since Obama/Clinton/Holder took power.
      Afghanistan: More lost under Obama tenure so far than under
      Bush ‘s 8 years.

  • athynz

    I have an idea – how about neither on in the White House? Let’s instead elect someone with a modicum of common sense, honor, dignity, and backbone.

    • trout55

      I’m with you 100% but unfortunately I think those types have gone the way of the dinasour.

  • RVA Excapee (sic)

    Maybe Party Comrade Kaine can screw the US Government like he did Virginia! We need to defeat this bolshevik when he runs again. Maybe the Party of Stupid won’t run that idiot Makkawitz Allen again. Comrade Tim was a real smash as the mayor of RVA too. More debt and a nonfunctional government.

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