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Consumer alert: IRS phone scam

(WTVR) - There is a new phone scam out there of someone calling people and pretending to be from the IRS.

The scammer will tell the victim that they owe back taxes and then threaten to come to their home and arrest them if they don't pay up.

The phone number that appears on a victim's caller ID matches a number from Henrico's civil process section.

Henrico County Sheriff Michael Wade believes someone is using a smartphone app to make it look like the call is from a county official.  He said his department told police, who will be alerting the IRS.

Hang up and call police if you get one of these calls.


    • Jake Spaniel

      Comments with actual substance are hard for you aren’t they? I guess being a sheep to the Koch Brothers, the Tea Party, and Fox News completely takes away your ability to think for yourself.

      • manalishi

        Seriously Cocker Spaniel. is that the best you have? The bath house Barry Soeretoro group won’t lift a finger to stop this fraud either. Your mama failed,,,again.

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