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GOLDMAN: Mayor, Council proving DUPLICITOUS on Shockoe Stadium issue

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Paul Goldman is a local lawyer who helped run Doug Wilder's historic campaign for governor of Virginia.

RICHMOND, Va. – Say what? Eighteen months and it looks like we are back to square one due to Richmond Mayor Dwight Jones and Richmond City Council having followed an UPSIDE DOWN decision-making process, having followed a process geared TO BENEFIT THEIR POLITICALLY CONNECTED ALLIES, geared to benefit two groups with political access to make secret back-room dealing CUTTING OUT EVERY OTHER HONEST BUSINESSMAN AND WOMAN.

That’s right, based on my review and analysis, every city which has successfully made a stadium decision has followed a process rejected by the Jones-Baliles-Samuels-Hilbert-Graziano-Agelasto-Robertson-Newbille-Trammell-Mosby “Game of Thrones” approach.

These other cities created an independent group to openly and transparently review and analysis of all the possible stadium locations options, providing the public with the pros and cons since there is never a perfect solution. At which point all interested parties have an equal and fair shot at making the winning proposal.

BUT NOT IN RICHMOND, the only place on the third rock from the Sun where the sunlight doesn’t reach into the City Council chambers and the Mayor’s office.

Not here.


Look at the facts.

We started this week with one secret baseball stadium proposal, the Shockoe proposal from Mayor Jones. We have ended the week with two secret baseball stadium proposals, #2 apparently the apple of the the eye of certain people on Council.

Moreover, we learned that they have known about this secret proposal # 2 since 2013, indeed they have had secret meetings on it set up by Chesterfield Supervisor Dan Gecker. We learned the Mayor’s office has known about this proposal.

So let me get this straight, for months now, at a  huge expense totaling millions of dollars, the Mayor, his posse, City Council and their posse, have been making Richmond the laughing stock of the country. We are depicted as insensitive to history, found by the state auditor to have the most expensive City Hall and City Council in Virginia, and the Jones-Baliles-Samuels-Hilbert-Graziano-Agelasto-Robertson-Newbille-Trammell-Mosby tag team have refused to even give the public an advisory role in this fiasco.


The Mayor and the Council have always known there were competing proposals from politically connected groups. Where is the equal chance for those without political connections, an honest open process? Why don’t they get a chance?

By what legal authority does the Jones-Baliles-Samuels-Hilbert-Graziano-Agelasto-Robertson-Newbille-Trammell-Mosby UPSIDE DOWN posse create a charade to benefit their political and other allies?

Why is it in the best interests of the City of Richmond to secretly maneuver the process to benefit these two politically connected groups? In every other city making a successful stadium decision, there has been an open and transparent process, where finding the best location is JOB # 1, the first thing you do, AND YOU DO IT OPENLY AND TRANSPARENTLY.

This has not happened in Richmond, indeed, quite the opposite! The Mayor and the Council have been misleading the public all the way on what was really going on behind the scenes!


Ask the public, through an advisory referendum, whether they want to have baseball in the Bottom, on Boulevard or anywhere else there is a viable location.

We can have a public vote by November.

THERE IS NOW NO CHANCE OF MAKING AN OPEN AND INFORMED AND COMPETENT decision before this time if you are going to have process fair for all.

For gosh sakes, since the people have to pay, give them a say!

Paul Goldman is in no way affiliated with WTVR. His comments are his own, and do not reflect the views of WTVR or any related entity. Neither WTVR nor any of its employees or agents participated in any way with the preparation of Mr. Goldman’s comments.


  • manalishi

    That’s why democrats are like dookie. You can polish them both till they shine, but they still stink, carry disease and attract flies.

    • reeltime

      But their freebies keep their voter base flocking to them like sheeple. All at the expense of those “rich” taxpayers.

  • Becky

    Look at these 501 c 3’s. Look at ALL their party consortiums’ Boards.
    They receive tax advantages. They receive Taxes, and they receive
    Donations from the Public, too.
    All the names and players are consistently intertwined, intermingled,
    and consistent throughout.
    They are there to bolster the party that has consistenty failed
    Richmond. All you have to do is look at all the scandals, dysfunctions,
    debacles, and failures. Now add in the all out corruption with
    party wide collusion. Then watch the party advancements.

  • Becky

    Who got a vote, will, or say on Party Consortiums’ UIC Bike Championships, Free Give Away of Monroe Park to a Consortium,, Altria Mosque, Bon Secours Redskins Fenced Park, Bottom Ball Park Extravaganza, Boulevard Development. All hidden, covert, down and dirty “Deals” sprung, ceremoniously, on Resident/Tax Payers..
    The Party Consortiums!!!!..only.. through their bought, elected “Public”

  • Becky

    Tricked, conned, scammed again, by more, covert, hidden, back room, closed doors, undisclosed, Richmond City Government SOP/MO
    by Richmond’s elected “Public” “Servants”.
    Not LovingRVA, Positively Richmond CLOSED GOVERNMENT DOORS.

  • Glen Allen

    Didn’t the mayor and City Council promise transparency when they ran for office? I hope prior to the next elections, the voters will remember ALL of the crooked, underhanded, backroom deals promoted by Dwight Jones, and allowed by each City Council member. If the members of City Council were smart (lol), they would know that Paul Goldman will remind the voters what this City Council, and this City Administration have done behind their backs. Vote everyone of them OUT. And please, when selecting the next Mayor, skip his (or her) religious ties, and look at his (or her) resume. Make sure they have a college degree heavy in “government” and / or business/law.

  • Ome

    2015 UIC Bike Championships (Remember the Names/Businesses as Redundant to Consortiums)
    Chairmen of the Board;
    Tom Farrell, Chairman, President & CEO, DOMINION
    Mayor Dwight C. Jones, Mayor, City of Richmond,
    Governor Terry McAuliffe, Commonwealth of Virginia
    Senator Mark R. Warner, United States Senate

  • Ome

    John G. Apostle, SVP, Chief Compliance Office, GENWORTH Financial
    John Bates, Retired Partner, MCQUIRE WOODS
    Jim Beamer, Government Relations, DOMINION
    Jack BERRY, President & CEO, Richmond Region Tourism
    Jack BERRY, Executive Director, VENTURE Richmond
    Robert M. Blue, SVP, DOMINION
    Champe Burnley, Co-Chair, Mayor’s Bicycle, Pedestrian and Trails Comm.
    Peter Chapman, DCAO, Economic Development, CITY OF RICHMOND
    Matthew Cheek, Partner, WILLIAM MULLEN
    Barry Duval, President & CEO, Virginia CHAMBER OF COMMERCE
    Barbara Faurot, Marketing & Communications Consultant
    Pascal Fernandez, SVP, ALTRIA
    G. Slaughter Fitz-Hugh, III, President & COO, CAPTECH Consulting
    Wilson Flohr, Chief Executive Officer, Richmond 2015, Inc
    Frank W. Harksen, Jr., Deputy County Administrator, Hanover County
    Phil Hills, Principal, Marts & Lundy
    Darius Johnson, President, PREMIER BANK
    Joni Johnson, SPORTS VIRGINIA, Virginia Tourism Corporation
    Steve Johnson, CEO, USA Cycling
    Pat Jones, Vice President & General Manager, Kings Dominion
    Jon Lugbill, Executive Director, RICHMOND SPORTS BACKERS
    Charles Macfarlane, Managing Member, Macfarlane Partners, LLC
    Ned Massee (Secretary), VP, Corporate Affairs, MWV
    Matt Mattox, VP, Group Planning Director, THE MARTIN AGENCY
    Jay Paul, VP, Affinity Group Underwriters/Balance Insurance
    Steve Piascik (Treasurer), Founder & President, Piascik & Associates
    Mike Plant, Executive VP, Business Operations, Atlanta Braves
    Julie Rautio, Managing Partner, Capital Results
    Carrie Roth, Commerce and Trade, Commonwealth of Virginia
    Lisa Sims, Deputy Director, VENTURE Richmond
    Rob N. Sorensen, VP, Marketing, CARMAX
    Tim Foster, Deputy County Administrator, Henrico County

  • Ed

    Fore get AA ball get something down their that will really draw a crowd of 20,000 or it just is not worth it the money.I think they can develop the area with out the ball park down their.

  • Ed

    8000 seat place is lick May Barry richmond area is not May Barry as much as people want it to be. The place has no vision. To bad. RVA needs a new government. I just can’t believe that all that is in the news is a ballpark playing Podunk city’s what were they thinking. RVA is always thinking small. History but not growth. To bad because it’s coming soon. People can’t afford the big city of DC NYC any more or any really big city’s. So I believe richmond being a medium city will get more people movingbecause of the cost of living going costly city’s.i just hope that they use the money the government gets for the city not for them. VOTE THEM OUT!!!

  • Ed

    I also believe that know developer is going to see the miners as a cash cow fore development so I think that is a LIE. it is a bad idea. it will not make money like that. When is this city going to wake the blank up!!!!!!! tACK BACK YOUR CITY RVA

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