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Changes coming to several Richmond intersections

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) - Markaja Taylor is the five-year-old girl who was hit by a car near the intersection of Mechanicsville Turnpike and Cool Ln. two weeks ago in Richmond.

"I started crying and screaming," said Taylor.

Taylor is still recovering, but the intersection where she was hit is an area with heavy traffic and pedestrians, but there is no cross walk.

"It would help a lot if there was a crosswalk," said one man who lives nearby.

CBS 6 went to the intersection over the course of several days. Within minutes, our camera captured person after person darting across the street through traffic.

Reporter Chelsea Rarrick took some safety concerns from residents to the Thomas Flynn, the city's Transportation Engineer.

Flynn said the city identified that location that needed an upgrade. He said thanks to a state grant, the city is in the process of upgrading the traffic signal displays to several intersections in the area, which includes Mechanicsville Tpke. and Cool Ln.

Flynn said part of the upgrade includes a pedestrian walk, don't walk countdown.

Markaja and her family said hearing that is welcome news to the neighborhood.

"I'm very glad," said Markaja's mother, Shantelle Walker. "It could have been anyone's child."

Flynn said upgrades to Mechanicsville Tpke. and Cool Ln. should be completed by September.

If you have concerns about intersections in the city, Flynn says to call his department at 804-646-0442


  • Mark Nightro

    First of all people cant drive in Richmond and second of all why is 5 year old walking by herself ANYWHERE!! Regardless if you build crosswalk or anything look at the area of the city its in.. I hope CPS goes after parents of this kid. I wont even let my oldest niece leave my vision if im watching her until she is like 10. I dont trust no one here!

  • Geeze

    Oh, Pu-leeese. For those that refuse to obey speed limits, drop the speed limit. For those people darting across the street through traffic, give them a cross walk at the corner. For those running stop sign and stop lights, perhaps they need two will do. For those that refuse a yield sign, built them a round-about they don’t know how to negotiate. For those not knowing where they are going, or what lane they need to be
    in to get there, perhaps an automatic car that can guess for them. For
    those that won’t obey rules, demand More Government, for “controls”.

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