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Richmond mother fights to keep son’s memorial along Cary Street

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) --A grieving Richmond mother is fighting to keep a sign standing, in honor of her son who died in a car accident at that spot.

Tammy Foreshaw's son died in an accident on Cary Street near river road February of 2013.

Joel Forshaw and Nathaniel Daigle were killed when their vehicle hit several trees near the 5100 block of Cary Street Road.

She put the sign up as a memorial to him, saying if it saves one person's life the marker is worth it.

City leaders told Foreshaw that neighbors don't think the sign is appropriate for their neighborhood, and they instead asked that police patrol more for speeders.

Foreshaw plead her case to city leaders during the public comment session of Monday's City Council meeting. A vote was not made at this point.



    • athynz

      No but look at from a fiscal perspective – the sign is a lot less expensive than having more cops patrol for speeders. Meaning more cops out there to deal with other crimes.

  • me

    Does the City have actual rules, regulations, ordinances that
    govern road signs?
    Seems if everyone in Richmond is allowed their own individual sign,
    it would be a disturbing distraction.

    • Tamera

      These are actual road signs to promote safety that are regulated by size and placement, VDOT and the city have this program. The site of the sign would not be placed on private property nor be in view from someones home.

  • Chiyo

    I agree with Clayton. The road signs and markings are there to indicate road conditions and save people’s lives as she says. Her son is no longer there. He is laid to rest somewhere else.

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