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VIDEO: Mom’s booty-shaking dance video has hysterical surprise ending

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This video shows one mom with all the right moves, and one big surprise move.

Summer Knowlden, who lives in Utha, explained via YouTube that she had decided to enter an online dance off for moms, but before submitting her routine, she wanted some practice.

Thankfully she was filming the whole time because there is a surprise in the warm-up.

Knowlden recognized the clip for its worth, saying “It’s too good not to share!!”

She wrote on Facebook that due to all the encouragement  from “family, friends, neighbors, acquaintances and total strangers, I’ve uploaded this video to YouTube, sent it to The Ellen Degeneres Show, and submitted it to America’s Funniest Videos.”

Although she didn’t win the original competition she entered, she said “it sure makes me feel warm and fuzzy knowing I’ve made so many people literally laugh out loud!”

“It’s too good not to share and just for the record, [insert baby name] was fine!!” she wrote on Facebook.


  • Deb

    It’s never funny when a baby is injured. Bless her heart, she didn’t understand what happened to her. The fact that the lady posted the video seems to indicate she saw more humor in the video than in what happened to the little child. That makes me very sad.

    • Twizz

      You did not see where she said her daughter was fine. She was likely checked over thoroughly after the accident.

    • athynz

      The toddler is fine. Do you have children? How many times has your toddler fell down like that, looked at you funny, got up and went to do something else without any sort of issue? Or did you rush over, pick the toddler up, and make a big deal out of it which made the toddler make a big deal out of it?

    • Raven

      There always has to be one in every crowd… seriously? Injured? By what? Her mothers rump? If that makes you feel sad, you must be one of those people who keep their child(ren) in a little glass house to prevent any possible falls, which all toddlers do. All kids experience pain to some level (degree)… and if you dont make a big deal of it, a simple fall, neither will the child!! The baby just got “bumped” and had carpet…. You remind me of my kid sister… her poor son was not ever allowed to do anything at all, for her fear of him being hurt or God knows what?! And you know what? That lil guy missed out on just enjoying being a normal kid cuz of his mother’s being excessively paranoid. Theres nothing wrong with being an overprotective parent…. but there is a problem when the parent is obsessed with being over protective and trying to prevent a child landing on a padded diaper or any small scratches or bumps and not allowing the child to be a child. You have to allow kids to be kids….. thats how they learn. It doesnt mean you get too lax in keeping an eye on them and keeping them from serious life threatening injures or permanent physical damage to skin or limb. But kids learn by the things they do, including falls.

  • queengant

    U can tell the baby is fine…lol but mom was getting it in how own way…..sum ppl need to chill

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