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Virginia Beach Beach Week not without violence despite increased security

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VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WTVR) -- A fight in Virginia Beach Saturday night right in front of a news camera.

The fight shown in the video was filmed at the Dairy Queen on Atlantic Avenue, just feet from the North Beach.

This past Friday and Saturday was "Beach Weekend,” an annual gathering of college students at the ocean front for parties.

Last year was violent with shootings and stabbings, so this year police were ready for the crowds.  Last year saw a weekend of violence that ended up in 148 arrests.

There were more than 800 officers were on duty; some were posted at most every intersection to help control the crowds and the traffic. Others were on their bikes or walking, keeping an eye for anything out of the ordinary.

Oceanfront businesses hired extra security as well.

During last year’s beach weekend, police reported three shootings, three stabbings and four robberies.

They haven't released the exact number of calls or arrests yet for 2014, but say this year was drastically different. By Saturday night there had been at least 15 arrests made.


  • manalishi

    Anyone surprised? This happens every year, so maybe the police should just be “allowed” to keep the streets safe.

  • Cindy

    Typical! Acting like a bunch of wild animals….no, not wild animals, I meant heathens! No manners, very ignorant and no proper upbringing!

  • Pam Cassidy

    I have no idea where these teens all around the country have come to the determination that they deserve to have a week off every spring to raise hell and cause mayhem………..that is not fun! That is debauchery and vandalism. No, this is not how college students have always spent their spring break. No one ever turned into savage animals and behaved so horribly and no one ever felt so entitled to have this week of madness. It used to be college was meant for intelligent people to get a little more education as needed for thier future careers………now they let everyone get in and the priviledge has apparently led to an entitlement mindset that they are above the law and don’t need to behave like adults during their downtime………seriously…….you are just showing what a dumbass mediocre student you are when you behave like this just because you aren’t on campus…..have a little self respect and act like an adult.

  • Doug

    Latosh ever herd the saying” better to keep quiet and let others think you are ignorant than open your mouth and remove all dought”

  • Joe

    First off, categorizing “ALL” white people is mighty RACIST of you, and second if your gonna post nonsense at least learn how to spell

  • Johnnie G

    Every year same deal. Unfortunately makes the young AA look like thugs. I suspect that if one broke down the numbers it would be less than 1% that are acting like thugs. Still they ruin it for the rest. The city of Virginia Beach should come up with a plan (along with the business owners) to block this Beach Weekend. I like VB, but would certainly not go there at that time!

  • Cliff M.

    The suprising part is not the events that took place nor the police force it is the fact that our local news caught something on the news without consent or any control over what happened before their lens. No police action obviously occured, our police are distracted by the clubs and bars that lined the strip, not considering the hot spot gathering at dairy queen, it is a spacious area with tables and chairs and benches , our youth and families gather here in the summer why wouldnt beach week have people flock there? Excuse my grammar because I am mobile but its the truth the police force was unorganized and distracted by the wrong things. They were on bikes, motorcycles, and on foot if not in a vehicle. Am I lying when I say the friction from that exploded into whatever the news caught on camera plus the off camera actions in that location or elsewhere. This is not a matter of suspects and victims but a matter of how the law is enforced. The wrong steps were taken in promoting this beach weekend. It became a breeding ground for bad vibes. Even in the daytime you feel it AND ITS NOT FROM THE BEACHGOERS. The vibe is all messed up from the anticipation of a police secured beach strip, that is like a test , if you all were young today you would understand both sides like I do. As humans, It’s true . That is all I appreciate it.

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