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School walkout designed to teach mayor a lesson

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) - A school "walk out" protest took place Monday morning in Richmond. Students from around the city, but mainly from Open High School, marched to Richmond City Hall to take part in the downtown demonstration to grab the attention of Richmond Mayor Dwight Jones.


The demonstrators want the mayor to fully fund the budget requested by school leaders to repair and improve city schools. A budget vote is expected next month.

The walkout started at Richmond's Open High School and ended at Richmond City Hall.


  • Becky

    “I’ve worked tirelessly to make strides for the children of our city,
    and we are raising expectations in Richmond with construction of
    new schools.”
    Please contrast the double talk with the RPS records, facts, figures,
    and statistics under the Mayor’s tenure to date.
    Certainly mainenance and upkeep of city assets, resources, schools,
    parks, streets, roads comes under the perview of the CEO/CAO of
    Richmond City Government,
    Contrast that priority with his bannered headlined Legacy Priorities.

    • manalishi

      Agreed Becky, Hearing some freak/fraud proclaim to be “raising expectations” when they redundantly fail to meet a useful or even mandated minimum standard is perplexing.

      The RPS needs an enema starting with the most vocal.

  • Mo Fiscal conservatism

    It’s great to see people standing up for what they believe in. But in this case, is it really worth it? A large percentage of these students will either drop out, have children too early and have to settle for mediocre jobs, enlist in the Army or just graduate and work “jobby job” after “jobby job”. The percentage that will have their lives changed by spending more money on all of the schools is minimal. What they should do is separate the kids by academics. Put the money into the kids who will one day actually contribute to the process. Maybe this will even motivate some kids to stop slacking off and put forth some effort so they too can go to a better school. Like Charter schools, but with menthol requirements of only academics. Invest in the winners, teach the others a trade maybe..

    • Mo Fiscal conservatism

      Actually forget Charter schools right now. Focus on more Governor’s Schools. Those are the schools which produce the leaders. Investing in all of the schools is a waste of money, statistically. Realism people…

      • manalishi

        I agree with both points Mo. But both are destined to fail if liberal, progressive democrats have any input on the operations whatsoever. Admissions into the governors school programs have been a bit sketchy for some time based on politics rather than achievement.

        Then we must ask how long a blatantly superior functioning school will be allowed to operate before the underachievers cry foul and demand a limitation of mediocrity. This is the cancer of unions and associations that have shut down or defunded charter schools abroad. Anyone remember Obozo cutting federal subsidies to DC charter schools children?

    • Brandon B

      Hey Mo, educate yourself on what Open High School is before giving baseless remarks. Open is a magnet school in the city where students prepare themselves for great collegiate careers and beyond.

      Who’s to say that these students wont be leaders? Look at what they’re doing right now!

      RPS gets a fraction of what any Governer’s school student is getting, and still prepares quality students for college.

      The protest is for school structure improvement. It’s about safety.

      • Mo Fiscal conservatism

        Little Brandon B, you seemed to misunderstand what I was saying. Let me speak slower.
        I never said that many students in RPS don’t go on to be leaders. I said that a majority of them don’t, statistically. (I know that’s a big word. Look it up) I just recommended that they do take a look at the RPS funding and put more into the schools with children who are earning it. Separate the children and let the future laborers stop wasting our tax dollars. I know that puts you Liberals into a fuss, but reality is reality.

        Also, anyone can complain and make a fuss over something. Look at the Occupy Movement. Most of them were drug-using underachievers, yet they made all kind of a public fuss. That is not a leader. That is the Veruca Salt complex “I WANT IT NOW!!!”. Leaders make solutions, not demand that others do. You sound like the latter, so I’ll stop crushing your middle school argument for education.

        Later hun!!

    • Morning Dew

      So what you are saying is to ignore all the kids, except the high achieving ones. It is OK if the kids go to school with rodents crawling in their backpacks or out of their lunches because they are destined to fail anyway.

      • Morning Dew

        RPS put $2 million in the middle school IB program. The principal is now suing the parents for $3 million because the parents complained about her leadership.

      • Mo Fiscal conservatism

        I’m not saying to ignore anyone. I’m saying to audit themselves and distribute their money more efficiently. There’s enough funding that if you can keep one building from damage (which I believe is exaggerated). While at the same time, spend more on the children who are achieving. Not all children are a good investment. Just get many of them through school and let them begin what we all know will be a lifetime of mediocrity. While investing in the kids who will have an impact on things.
        See you guys are the problem. I know you will deny it, but you are the same idiots who create these kids who are stupid and told they are smart. So they spend their whole lives trying for something that they just aren’t good enough for. Not all kids are geniuses! The sad part is many of them won’t even go out and learn a trade. That’s why you have so many grocery store employees demanding more money. For doing a job that isn’t supposed to support a family. It’s to get you by while you learn to do something. But you guys want those people who settled for mediocrity to own a house and whatnot.

        Back to the school point. Until these kids start showing more enthusiasm towards their education, stop wasting money on them. Protesting is not the sign of a leader.

      • Mo Fiscal conservatism

        What you’re saying is… not what I’m saying. You are just trying to reword because reality scares the ignorant and bored. What I’m saying (and said) is that they should audit and reevaluate the fiscal policy of the school systems. There is enough money to prevent things like rodent problems and I never said to “ignore” anyone. I just said to use the money more efficiently and put more into the children who are achieving academically and earning it. Separate and put more money into the winners. The children who aren’t making the grade could maybe be taught a trade, instead of things that they will never use. This way they will learn how to do something and not work “jobby jobs” their whole lives. But this is less expensive than building up the others academically and preparing them for college.

    • Rae Weatherford

      Excuse me but Jobby Jobs pretty much run this country!!!! A college education might give you book smarts but doesn’t always give you the street smarts you need to survive, there are very successful people that have never gone to college or even graduated high school! Your remarks prove your level of intelligence :(

      • Mo Fiscal conservatism

        You obviously have a “jobby job”. No, they don’t run this country. They are for kids getting through college or trade school learning how to do something. You are just fishing for an argument because you are insecure about your job.

      • Mo Fiscal conservatism

        I’m not talking about kids who have trades when I say “Jobby Jobs”. And one of my points is that College isn’t for everyone. A Jobby job is anything in a grocery store, Walmart, movie theater, restaurant servers or other waitstaff positions ex. Jobs that aren’t meant to get you through life, only until you learn something. And this whole “street smarts” argument I keep hearing from rednecks and underachievers is just dumb. In this day and age if you need “street smarts” to survive you likely just live in a bad neighborhood. What you need is a skill to survive. If you don’t learn one, sorry for you.

    • manalishi

      Agreed. Problem is that they are not being educated,,,they walked out. It’s complicated to learn (or not learn) from a class not attended.

      • Brandon B

        Manalishi, knowing the culture of the school, I’m sure that the staff was aware of any demonstration that was going on today. They may have insisted on it actually. I think more benefit comes from the real-world experience of standing up for what is right.

      • manalishi

        Ok Brandon. It’s a fair statement, so define what is right. I would content that the overall success rate indicates is not a success, but a failure on it’s democrat led foundation. So they walk out in protest,,,,they cannot learn without new schools? Teachers will not teach without new schools? The problem is not the schools but rather a subculture (which would be beneath an actual culture) that would like to “teach the mayor a lesson”. I suspect they failed at that too.

  • athynz

    Unfortunately the mayor would rather fund a stadium that he and his backers are too frightened to put to a public referendum rather than fund the schools to educate our children. Major props to these young men and women for standing up for what they believe in!

  • Glen Allen

    Because the students don’t get it, allow me to explain. Students are not old enough to vote, they do not pay taxes, and they do not have enough money to pay bribes, so who cares what they think, or want. Mayor Jones will ignore them, while City Council will let them speak tonight, but will respond/react in a most condescending tone.

  • Jewel C

    Mo Fiscal conservatism is so ignorant..and most of these comments are who has something negative to say about these children …Regardless of statistics, they have a voice and want it to be heard. Unlike most of you all, you rather sit behind a computer and rant and rave than do something like these students did. Regardless of how anybody feel. It took courage to get up and walk out..and you’re sitting behind your computer JUDGING and putting them down..

    Recommending that they do take a look at the RPS funding and put more into the schools with children who are earning it<>>Separate the children <<< HA! another funny comment…Seperate and put these children, where?? and let the future laborers stop wasting our tax dollars<<<Almost positive you are wasting some now as you type…*HILARIOUS*

    So heck what you feel or how you feel! Why shoot down what "they" so strongly believe in..omg…I've come to realization that Virginias are the most IGNORANT people I've come across. Period. Thats a statistic for you.

    • Mo Fiscal conservatism

      Do you even know what the word “statistic” means? You sound just like an uneducated, underachieving woman with too much time on her hands. Is your daddy (or husband) the breadwinner? (I’m sure you will just come back with “I know you are, but what am I!!??”)
      This is a fun way to spend time during lunch. Educating the world’s uneducated. But I think many of you would prefer being uneducated. Otherwise you wouldn’t have an argument.

      Well, I’ll let you get back to cleaning and getting dinner ready.

    • Mo Fiscal conservatism

      And this doesn’t take “courage”. It takes free time, an attitude about something and in many cases ignorance. Because instead of demanding that everyone do something, it is a lot more effective to take action and try to fix it yourself. Blocking traffic and making a scene isn’t taking action, it’s being a spoiled brat.

  • dave

    so how is that whole AA working out for you?Look at cities,the post office,gov. and anywhere else it has been a driving force in the last 10 years and you see the results.Giving jobs and leadership to people based on their skin color alone has backfired big time.Now enjoy your poorly run schools and cities because most of you voted for it

  • isso

    Contrast the dollars supposedly going to education from city, state, and federal taxes, per student, in RPS, and there is definitely something wrong with government accounting and government accountability for their responsibilities.
    One council member has already hinted that Real Estate Taxes
    could/would be going up. Is that to CtheirA under ther new
    Consortiums’ Priorities Rule Governance for our Taxes in contrast to their legally required tax obligations?

  • Hands on Parent

    Mo Fiscal conservatism – You sound stupid. Unfortunately its people like you……stop putting children down and found a way to lift them. Be a part of the solution and not the problem.

    • Morning Dew

      “Not all children are a good investment.” – Mo Fiscal conservatism

      I certainly hope you NEVER work with children.

  • Joe

    It sounds like the Mayor tried to give these kids an education about economics and finance yet, they failed miserably. He explained that schools, improvements, and new buildings cost money– money that the City of Richmond doesn’t have. He explained that it will take economic development ( the ballpark and therefore the true $$ generator–retail development on the Boulevard) to help generate the funds to improve and build schools. These little geniuses still walked away saying that the mayor’s priority is a ballpark and a training camp and not public schools. Lets talk about dense…they just can’t seem to connect the dots.

  • Randy

    Mo Fiscal,
    You wrote, “Little Brandon B, you seemed to misunderstand what I was saying. Let me speak slower.”
    Mo, the writer doesn’t come with the book. If someone does not understand what you wrote, guess what? It isn’t the reader’s fault. It is the writer’s. So, who is the stupid one?

    • Mo Fiscal conservatism

      Randy here sounds very insecure. It was a joke! You are just grasping for acceptance on here by arguing the stupidest things.

      It is funny though. Most of you sound like insecure women and men. Not one real argument to what I say, just insults. Now I’m sure you will have an insult as an excuse for it, but I think the truth is you are all underachievers. But this comment area gives you a place to feel like you make a difference, have some power. It’s kind of cute hearing most of you with little education and an even smaller understanding of how economics work. You live in a ferry tale (Occupy) world.

  • John Richmond

    Mo FC is just a troll in his (her? xis?) own eddy. Ignore the poster.

    If every kid is not given the opportunity to develop to his/her full capacity we all lose. At Open High, the highest-achieving are standing up for all their brothers and sisters.This is the spirit I’ve come to know and expect from my Millennial students and colleagues.

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