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Petersburg residents ‘devastated’ after latest deadly shooting

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

PETERSBURG, Va. (WTVR) -- Petersburg police are investigating after several people were shot Sunday morning.

First, police responded to the 600 block of Harding Street for a report of a person shot around 1 a.m.

When officers arrived, they found 25-year-old Akeim Easter of Petersburg suffering from a gunshot wound on the porch of a home.

Easter was transported to Southside Regional Medical Center where he died.

The 25-year-old was shot just several houses down from where a family was killed just last week.

"It's devastating -- it's like people don't have hearts," said Kawanda Tucker, who is the niece of Easter.

Family and friends told CBS 6 that Easter was a father and had just been to the funeral earlier that day for the family of four killed last weekend.

"People right there are mourning their family and you come with gun play," said Tucker. "I just don't understand it."

According to police, another person arrived to the emergency room shortly after the first victim with a non-life threatening gunshot wound.

At 1:45 a.m. police officers went to the 500 block of St. Luke Street for a person shot. That victim sustained a non-life threatening wound from a bullet that penetrated the residence.

Petersburg Commonwealth's Attorney, Cassandra Conover said this kind of violence needs to stop.

"Back away from the guns," said Conover. "Agree to disagree, don't try to solve things with a gun."

Tony Taylor, who lives next door to where Easter was shot said he hopes that message will echo throughout the entire community.

"You're not gaining anything but death," said Taylor.

Police said they are investigating all of the incidents.

If you have information that could help police, call Petersburg-Dinwiddie Crime Solvers at 804-861-1212 or send text via telephone using the keyword “PDCASH” followed by the tip to 274637.

Chelsea Rarrick is covering this breaking story. Check back with WTVR.com and watch CBS at 6:30 p.m. for her complete report. 


  • manalishi

    I have doubts if the police are the ones doing the shootings. They are also not responsible for your caps lock.

    • Frank Smith

      Latosha is probably an old white guy just trying to stir up emotions here. Spelling is the same in every post, there’s that cap-lock, and the repeated desperation. It doesn’t matter what story it is. Interestingly, she really fails at bringing out the black haters. Sorry Latosha, there are less white “Rasists” out here than you think? Besides those of us who know the black community, know there is a plan.

  • athynz

    This happened because LATOSHA_WILSON is a racist. See what I did there? I did the same thing as you did – blamed someone who is not responsible. Now let’s put the blame squarely on the person that did this – the person who pulled the trigger of the gun.

  • isso

    Sooner or later it seems each individual is going to find that there
    are actual life-principled consequences for their own decided
    actions, decisions and life style choices.

  • Really???

    There is so much I could say here, but I will make it very simple…until the black community grasps the fact that they don’t have to live like this (hatred against there own kind and blaming everyone but themselves for their own actions) these senseless killings will continue. We (and yes I said we) make it very easy for other cultures to look down on us and treat us like we are an inferior race….look at how we act toward one another! Think about this… how often do you hear about Chinese on Chinese, Indian on Indian, Mexican on Mexican, etc? Very rarely. Wonder why? Could it be that they value their brothers and sisters and know what it takes to work together? Could it be that they learned (and practiced) at an early age that it is far better to HELP their brother and sister as opposed to HURTING them? African-American’s we need to get it together!!

    • Frank Smith

      Sadly, we can’t change our culture overnight. Sadder than that, we really haven’t started to change our culture at all. How do we remain proud and different, when we say we want to be the same and equal?



    • athynz

      April 28, 2014 at 4:39 am

      THIS is why racism still exists. Those women are beautiful strong American women who are dealing with the loss of a loved one and praising Jesus. The whole “hate of the white police” is unnecessary. Why are you so hung up on the color of someone’s skin? And how did you delete your initial post where you call all of the Petersburg Police Department racist?

  • dave

    latosha are you that black girl with the chip on her shoulder I always run into when ordering from the drive thru around here?

  • kitty

    And don’t forget white kids mass shootings and stabbings..at schools and public places…..all of us need to get a grip💩

    • manalishi

      We could talk about ratios and odds all day kitty. Probably wont help. i tend to target everybody that does evil..Then slam the ones who defend the action for any reason. Political midsets are very useful when defining “connect the dots” profiles and have a 95+% accuracy rate. Holmes, Loughner were all registered democrats, Lanza was not registered, but raised completely raging liberal progressive democrat. This pattern defies the racists and baiters, but the connection is solid.

      And yes, they were very white. which makes us wonder why this major manhunt was scrubbed from the MSM.

  • B Addy

    So devastated they did some shooting. The main problem is kids being spit out like popcorn by a 16 yr old and the kids don’t have a clue who there father is , much less them being involved in their life.

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