WATCH: Marcos Ambrose punches Casey Mears after race at RIR

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) — Saturday night’s Toyota Owners 400 NASCAR race at Richmond International Raceway had a little bit of everything.

From two different drivers having brake issues that caught their cars on fire, to a wild finish that gave Joey Logano his first ever win at the action track.

Then there was the fist fight that broke out after the race between Marcos Ambrose and Casey Mears, who finished 18th and 19th at the track.

It happened a few minutes after the race was completed when the two got into a tense conversation that led to Mears shoving Ambrose.

After the shove, Ambrose punched Mears in the face, which knocked off his cap, moments before crew members pulled the pair apart.

No members of the drivers’ teams would comment on the incident, but Mears tweet later that night made no mention of the brawl.

However, USA Today reports that race officials have watched video of the incident, but have not made any decision about possible penalties, according to NASCAR Vice President of Competition Robin Pemberton.

“We’re looking at the video. “It doesn’t seem to be much,” Pemberton told USA Today. “We’ll take a look Monday and Tuesday… We don’t think it was anything too severe. We’ll get all the footage we can and look at it and see what happens from there.”



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