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Mom may be charged after pet raccoon attacks baby

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KOUNTZE, Texas (KBMT) - A Texas baby is recovering and his mother may be charged with a crime after her pet raccoon attacked the infant, according to police. The child, who suffered cuts on his head and near his eye, has been released from the hospital.

Police said their investigation indicated the child's mother left the infant in a room alone with the pets.

After the attack, police said the mother picked up her bleeding child and ran to the volunteer fire department near the home for help.

Texas Parks and Wildlife officials euthanized the family's two pet raccoons as a safety precaution The remains were tested for rabies. The tests came back negative.

Brittany Darby, 19, could be charged with abandoning or endangering a child, according to police.


  • Vasu Murti

    Nearly all human-animal conflict is humans inflicting pain and suffering upon animals… not the other way around!

    Kim Bartlett of Animal People in Clinton, WA, similarly writes:

    “Something to think about:

    “We believe that the Golden Rule applies to animals, too. We don’t accept the prevailing notion that ‘people come first’ or that ‘people are more important than animals.’

    “Animals feel pain and suffer just as we do, and it is almost always humans making animals suffer and not the other way around. Yet in spite of how cruelly people behave towards animals — not to mention human cruelty to other humans — we are supposed to believe that humans are superior to other animals.

    “If people want to fancy themselves as being of greater moral worth than the other creatures on this earth, we should begin behaving better than they do, and not worse. Let’s start treating everyone as we would like to be treated ourselves.”

    • Blueridge

      So what interaction or pain was a 2 week old causing? Your comment was irrelevant to the situation.

      Aside from that, the people in the video were totally white trash. Big time.

  • Jamie

    Please everyone one check out the Kentucky wildlife center … She’s a expert on raccoons.These little ones were killed trying to more than likely try to play with their human sibling. they would eventually be as smart as a 2-3 yr old child…I was raccoon rrehabber. There has been at most three cases in the USA in decades from raccoons to human. Most rabies caes come from common household pets and the number one of transmission comes through bats. Opossums don’t get most rabies(very rare if they) their metabolism is to.slow support contract wild type of viruses

    • Sam

      While I cringed when I heard this story, I agree. If the raccoons were tame then they viewed the baby as a sibling & were trying to play.
      I have a baby and every critter on my house treats baby as a littler mate or new pack mate. I never leave baby alone with a non-human because I don’t want a similar incident & it’s be easy to happen.

  • John

    She ran to the fire dept for help, she learned from this I’m sure, but because she is likely poor so now big brother wants to bully her more and get her money and may take the child for awhile. Some people just want to make it worst for the sake of it. By the time it’s over this will have cost the family a 1000 dollars, and for what. I’m sure the family learned from this. This is just another story of big brother pushing people to for.

  • Jesse Calvin

    Two more animals dead because of a humans stupidity A true mother’s instinct is to never leave their child alone by itself or with any animal(s). Here’s an idea–maybe they should euthanize the mother for stupidity and the test results would probably come back positive.

    • athynz

      So the answer is more death? Isn’t that a bit hypocritical? Judging from your comments you are a member of the political party that preaches peace, love, and tolerance – or is it just peace, love, and tolerance to people who think and act like you do?

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