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Richmond double-shooting victims identified

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) --The Richmond Police Department has identified the victims in yesterday's homicides on Mimosa Street.

The female has been identified as Ebony N. Hurd, 33, of the 1800 block of Joplin Avenue.

The male has been identified as Ivan T. Bridges, 33, of the 3400 block of Oregon Oak Drive, Chesterfield.

At approximately 8:14 p.m., officers received a call for a person shot in the 2100 block of Mimosa Street. Officers found both victims in a parked vehicle suffering from gunshot wounds.

Bridges died at the scene. Hurd was transported to VCU Medical Center where she died.

The online court system shows that both had criminal history in Richmond.

Hurd, as far back as 2004, was charged with possession of cocaine with intent to distribute. She faced possession of a firearms in possession of drugs. Those charges were Nolle Prosequi. 

In 2012 Hurd was sentenced to probation for misdemeanor assault. Other charges were failure to restrain a child age seven and under, speeding, and misdemeanor passing a school bus.

Bridges had at least five charges, dating back to 2007. All were Nolle Prosequi, except for a 2009 conspiracy/robbery charge. His other charges were possession of a shotgun, abduction charges, use of a firearm, and robbery.

Bridges' mother spoke with CBS 6 reporter Jon Burkett the night of the homicide.

"Why is everybody trying to hurt my kids?" Gloria Jones asked. "My kids don't do nothing to nobody."

A woman consoling the grieving mother said she could not understand why someone would shoot Bridges.

"He was not a threat because he was cripple," she said. "He could not walk."

When asked if they had a message to the people responsible for the shooting the woman said,"the message is, what comes around goes around."

Anyone with any information about this incident is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 780-1000 or text Crime Stoppers at 274637, using the key word “ITip” followed by your tip.


  • Nicole

    Why are the victims on trial in the news. They was shot and left for dead in which they did die what does their criminal records got to do with finding their killer or killers.

  • J

    This is straight BS! Shouldn’t the report be about finding the suspect of these victims that were gunned down and not the fact of what their past consist of? Why is their past court records even documented in this news report? Just because they’ve had previous convictions doesn’t mean they were bad people! Smh!!! Focus is on the wrong thing

  • Jamie

    Reporting on their criminal pasts? Shame on you guys. Not even mentioning both victims had children and families.

  • jannie

    Shame on WTVR News 6, The PAST, Obviously, what ever they did , they wasnt wanted therefore, at some point it was resolved with the justical system. No respect what so ever.

  • jannie

    i notice the writer put emphasis on the male victim’s statement, as if his PAST could answer her own question. Cold Hearted reporters. You all are not slick, we comprehend what you are doing. Prayers to the families, may God mend their broken hearts at this difficult time.

  • John

    WTVR has proven to be the worst reporters………..they vilify black victims, allow any type of comment- which is why wric and nbc12 have limited to no comments on their news stories. WTVR hides crime committed by other races. The reporters completely lack respect.

  • Sarah

    This young man and young woman died where killed shot and y’all are reporting criminal history’s we have to do better they had family’s,friend and people that love them both dearly

  • Frank Smith

    It’s sad that the posters so far have chosen to emphasize that the victims should be judged solely upon their tragic deaths, AND the idea that they were BLACK. Interestingly enough, the story doesn’t mention their color – at all. It seems as though you are the ones perpetuating the stereotype and victim nature of what happened.

    What this story is about is about is their criminal record. Well, in the case of the male at any rate. He could be white, green or Hispanic, you couldn’t tell without a picture from this story. The story does certainly establish that he was a criminal, and not a petty criminal at that – he had been charged with violent crimes, including abduction.

    It is clear that all of the posters here feel like victims themselves, that is sad. But only you and I have the power to stop the violence in the black community. Let’s stop being victims and blaming others, let’s stop the violence in our neighborhoods – and stop whining about they way blacks are portrayed.

  • a friend

    All the history aside- Please do a story on Ms. Hurd’s incredible child. I am so concerned about him and his well being. Maybe some kind soul will take him in and get him out of the neighborhood that killed his mom.

  • John

    Their criminal history shows they were more than likely up to no good when they were shot. They were not productive members of society and it looks like that caught up with them. Typical drone happy ending

  • a friend

    You all need to look up nolle prosequi… if you did, you’d realize that they were never actually found guilty of some of this stuff.

  • Shontell McCray

    Something is truly wrong with this picture.What do they back ground had to do with them being killed? This is so messed up hear you have kids with out a mother and a mother losing her son and all y’all can do is bring up there pass.No One Deserve To Lose There Life Behind Violence.Don’t no then but this really made me mad this morning want be watching 6 need anymore

  • Meka J

    Wow out of everything u can say u talk about the past. That is irrelevant. Why have their kids and grandkids seeing negative things. Yall focused on the wrong sh*t



  • Sheka

    No one deserves to die. The media will forever pick an choose who in society is important and who is just something to talk about. .. social class and environment will always play apart in what they feel is important an what they feel is not. It isn’t important until it’s at your front door. Whether they were a high level executive, or a labor sinner or saint. They were someone’s child, mother, father, husband, someone’s family. And their life was cut short by the hands of someone who just didn’t care…REST IN PEACE TO ALL VICTIMS..

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