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Old Richmond Police Chief lands news job

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) – More than one year after he left his job as Richmond Police Chief,Ā Bryan Norwood has landed a new gig up Interstate 95.

Norwood was appointed vice president for public safety forĀ the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority earlier this month.

ā€œWe look forward to the leadership and innovation he will bring to our Police and Fire and Rescue departments from previous success managing emergency responders in other cities,ā€Ā Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority president and CEO Jack Potter said in a statement.

Norwood will overseeĀ Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority firefighters and police officers atĀ Reagan NationalĀ Airport,Ā Dulles InternationalĀ Airport and theĀ Dulles Toll Road.

NorwoodĀ received more than $67,000 in severance money when he left Richmond, according to Tammy Hawley, spokeswoman for Richmond MayorĀ Dwight Jones.

When Norwood left in 2013, it was publicly announced as a mutual decision between he and Mayor Jones. However Norwood later told CBS 6 reporter Mark Holmberg he was forced from his job.

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