Mom can’t believe what movie star did for her and her sick son

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HENRY COUNTY, Ga. (WSB) - A Georgia mom who found herself facing eviction after she returned from a Make-A-Wish event with her sick son said she now has some hope thanks to the kindness of a celebrity ally.

"It's just overwhelming that somebody cares," Xernna Nieves said.

That someone is film producer, director, writer and actor Tyler Perry. Upon hearing about the mother's plight, he agreed to pay her rent for one year.

Tyler Perry


Nieves's son John has aplastic anemia, a rare bone marrow disease that destroys the immune system. After she struggled to pay her rent on time, Nieves's eviction notice came one day after John returned from a Make-A-Wish visit with NBA star Derrick Rose.

John and Derrick Rose

John and Derrick Rose


Nieves said she is overwhelmed by Perry's offer.

"We appreciate it," she said. "It will allow me to get Johnathan to get back on his feet."



  • Akita Dogzoo

    I’ve always loved Tyler Perry and he’s just gained more of my respect. I hope he paid her rent for a different home. This landlord has no compassion and doesn’t deserve Tyler’s generosity.

  • lovinlife

    This is why GOD has blessed him in so many ways. Seek GOD and your blessings will pour out unexpectedly also! Such a heartfelt story.

  • Boojie

    So moving! I hope God continues to bless mister Perry for his kindness, also I hope that boy can get better!

  • Susie

    God Bless you Tylor Perry you are a very kind and generous man. I have always watched your movies and think very highly of you ,now even more.!!!!

  • sandy

    He shouldn’t even be a landlord. I’m sure he knew that she had a child that is ill. He could have some compassion for them. I feel as long as she was give something or even if it was late to bad deal with it. I hope he gets people that don’t pay and have to keep evicting them out. I know I sjould be that way but he shouldn’t of been like that to you at all. Thank you Perry you are awesome.

  • PeopleAreIgnorant

    You people saying that the landlord should have compassion are ridiculously ignorant. The landlord owns or has a mortgage on the property. This means, he isn’t willing or capable of letting someone live in it free. And if you know anything about how hard it is to evict someone, this means the rent wasn’t paid for a long time. What Tyler Perry did is wonderful. A private charitable action. It is private charitable actions that should be promoted in this society rather than everyone jumping on the bandwagon of “everything should be free or government funded” just because someone is in hardship. How many other folks have sick kids or are terminally ill themselves, not expecting a handout? It’s a mindset that just breeds itself over and over again. Remember, that when you expect something for free or to be paid by someone else, you are greedy, not them. The forced nature of our charitable government keeps everyone in poverty and punishes prosperity. It also keeps people from giving from the heart freely when their hard earned funds are stolen from them and given to someone else. Let them give from the heart to causes that give them a sense of compassion.

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