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After long battle, Chesterfield leaders allow Brandermill daycare a permit

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CHESTERFIELD, Va. (WTVR) --After a four-month fight against a homeowner association,Chesterfield Board of Supervisors voted Wednesday to allow Joni Roberts a conditional use permit for her daycare.

A new change in state law required Roberts to get a special use permit in order to stay in business.

"It's an overwhelming release of a tremendous burden," said Roberts.

Early last month, the Brandermill Community Association (BCA) voted down Roberts’ request to continue operating her in-home daycare under a conditional use permit.

Roberts' business also appears to violate  a 40-year-old neighborhood covenant which is designed to limit in-home businesses that have the potential to create traffic problems.

The county doesn't oversee neighborhood covenants, but the President of the BCA's board of directors did speak at Wednesday night's public hearing, telling the Board of Supervisors that Roberts' request should be denied. There was only one person who spoke out against Roberts' request.

CBS 6 recently reported that a BCA board member's wife also appears to be running an in home business that violates the neighborhood covenant.

BCA Spokesman, John Bailey said right now, the board isn't enforcing that particular covenant. Bailey said the board is looking to see if changes can be made to the covenant.



    • Raftgeek

      Not only does she run a business the BCA publicly supported it, passed out flyers and encourages it. The board member at first lied saying he had been unaware of the rules against it then later back tracked saying they didn’t believe a couple of cars constituted traffic. This day home too only has a few cars four in fact over the course of the day that come and go. By the reasonable man test I don’t think that is traffic either. It is my hope and prayer that the BCA will retract itself from this legal quagmire standing before it, before more harm can be done to the neighborhood of Brandermill.

  • Joe

    Good lord…Brandermill is a second rate dump…they really need to take a look around and change that attitude. There is absolutely nothing exclusive about that place that would warrant these types of rules.

  • John

    Rfageek, the board member said it was only one car that was coming to his house, not 2. And that 1 car he was talking about was me. I’m the one that called 6 and told them. They had to approve it more less since board members were doing it to. Can’t enforce the rule on one person and not others, or it becomes a estoppel rule. That’s why they aren’t enforcing it now.hoot hoot, john

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