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UPDATE: Woman arrested for Southside Plaza double-shooting

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) -- A North Chesterfield woman has been arrested for a double-shooting at the Southside Plaza, in the 4100 block of Hull Street, Tuesday night.

Jodi J. Hope (SOURCE: Richmond police)

Jodi J. Hope (SOURCE: Richmond police)

Police said 31-year-old Jodi J. Hope, of the 5200 block of Goolsby Court, was arrested without incident and charged with with malicious wounding and use of a firearm in the commission of a felony.

One victim found in front of the ABC store was taken to VCU Medical Center with life-threatening injuries. Police said Wednesday afternoon that the victim's condition had been downgraded to serious. The other victim showed up at a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

"My window was cracked and out of nowhere I just heard gunshots and it was very fast, and I wasn't sure if I needed to duck," said Michael Reese, who was nearby when the shots were fired.

Some Southside residents like Bryan Talbert are fearful violence is taking over. In fact, after living in the community for just three months, Talbert is looking to make a change.

"I'm trying to move out of this area after the lease that I have is up," Talbert exclaimed.

The new Southside resident is trying to move out, because he feels more and more violence is moving in.

"It's a dangerous trend," Talbert said. "People are just not thinking well. There's got to be some sort of something to stop this crime from happening."

Talbert is hopeful surveillance cameras out the ABC store -- where the shooting happened -- will not only help investigators ID the person responsible, but will also deter violence in the future. In the meantime, Talbert is doing what he can to stay out of harms way and he has advice for others.

"Watch out for your surrounding and go home and lock your doors," Talbert said.

If you have any information that could help police, call Crime Stoppers at 804-780-1000.


    • Mike F

      For all you ignorant people making comments on a situation you know nothing about, the two men who Jodi Shot were trying to rob her. They got what thieves deserve. It could have been one of you at your home, instead it was a 31 year old mother.

  • jigaja

    It don’t have anything to do with color or Obama, don’t have anything to do with black or white. Has to do with stupidity, just like when whites go and shoot up everybody in the schools and malls, caveman.

  • r

    Some people who carry the title as grown adult need to shut up sometimes. I mean what do President Obama Have to do with a shooting in southside plaza that can happen regardless of the president place race etc. Grow up and shut up

    • Ray

      @PigsSux Are you brain damaged or what?? Obama graduated from Harvard AND Columbia University. Get your facts straight before making a joke that wouldn’t be funny even if he hadn’t graduated from 2 colleges. Btw how many degrees do you currently hold? Jw.

  • terry

    um maybe because he stuck his nose in the trevon thing and it back fired.That and whites are tired of being pc,sitting back and watching affirmative action destroy us.and yes we know whites kill also but read some facts then get a new response to those stats ok

  • mmmm

    He stuck his nose in the trevon thing? Lol, another white person with animosity because Obama is a 2 term Black President.

  • sasha

    Affirmative action or no action crime is crime stop dividing it. We live in a time where school churches and homes are no longer safe! This is a people thing. Affirmative action not destroying us we are destroying us it is sad its time for us all to stand up and make action

  • mmmm

    Affirmative action? Maybe if their weren’t so many racist white people like yourself it wouldn’t have been needed.

  • Serenity

    Honestly these comments are going nowhere. It’s not going to solve the shooting nor will it justify “race wars”, ignorance, and how President Obama is leading the country. Think really hard before you type…yes you have the freedom of speech but you also have the freedom of silence. Peace and Love for you all!

  • mmmm

    President Obama bring elected twice by mostly white people bought all the white racist out from hiding. Lol, the 4 of you all who make no difference!

  • Ray

    Wow. Everyone did a really great job helping the police solve this crime. Apparently the culprits were Obama, Bush, Treyvon Martin, white ppl, and black ppl. Bravo! Some ppl should be barred from the internet. Stupidity and ignorance really does seem to have free reign here. Smh. *Thanks the Lord he’s not some ignorant dodo with nothing better to do than post racist rants on a News website* Amen. -.-

  • Andy

    Violent crime is at it’s lowest level these days since the 1950’s. Argue all you want, but society is getting safer, and that’s justg a fact. Anyone who argues otherwise is brainwashed by the media they choose to consume.

    • brandi

      I grew up in Detroit, this is the 4th state I have lived in. You don’t need mainstream media to tell you it’s bad, you just have to drive down the street. It may be better than it has been but if 4 shootings and a dead body in 24 hours is better, I need to find a new country.

  • Cindy

    Man, you all seem to get off the subject quite well……the Energizer bunny can’t keep up! The woman felt the need to fire a weapon….she is stupid and thought she would get away with it! NOT! She hurt people and should be behind bars for a VERY long time…..glad she was caught! One less scumbag on the street!

  • Pluck

    How dare you say “those women thrive on violence”, not any one of us was at Southside Plz to see what took place and why it happened, that is for the police to determine and charge. But you sir have some serious issues to say the things that you do about anyone, I dare you to say that to the ppl you love so much to degrade, insult and patronize. Maybe then you can learn a lesson on not only being a man but a human being.

    • Pluck

      No Clotus get the track marks out of your boxers pls!! I am not like you, I deal with reality and if I cannot make a change or say something positive I keep quiet which is something you definitely need to do and I cannot even call you sir, you do not deserve that level of respect.

  • jr.

    i read the story couple days ago about the white trash couple who’s baby was found wondering the street in a pamper and they were nowhere to be found………no comments from the white folks on that one

    • brandi

      Here’s one. Color has nothing to do with how you raise your children. A month ago a little black boy was found wondering the streets too. Racism exsists because still in 2014 all you people see is color. On both sides!! There are shitty white and black parents, just as there are AMAZING black and white parents.

  • Train

    My iq just dropped 20 points after reading these comments. My 7 year old makes more sense than anything posted here

  • Monique

    Tell me what the heck bush or Obama gots to do wit this shit.its people hurting one another im sick of all this black an white talk.jus read or listen to the news an keep goin wit ur life.IT DOESN’T INVOLVE U OR UR FAMILY RIGHT SO SHUT THE HECK UP.

    • brandi

      I agree it has nothing to do with the president. But this affects everyone in the area. Me and my 1 year old son were driving by the Petro yesterday when the shooting happened there.

  • brandi

    I’ve been here less than two, already trying to figure a way to get the military to move us to a new bsse. My son and I were driving by the Petro in Hopewell yesterday at the time that shooting occured. In 24 hours the news reported 4 shootings and one body found behind a business. I’m from Detroit and this place scares me! That says a lot! The police need to get these cities under control or soon the only people left will be those that shootings don’t bother. Then what?!?

    • brandi

      I will always worry about it if I’m. driving down the road and shots ring out! My one year son was in the car. Stray bullets still kill. There is no possible to have fun or even live if people are shooting people everyday around you.

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