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Area Jewish centers on alert after deadly shootings

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HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) -- On the eve of Passover, it's a quiet Sunday at the Weinstein Jewish Community Center in Henrico, but news of a man opening fire and killing three people at two Jewish facilities outside Kansas City is stirring up emotions.

"There's all of hatred out there," Weinstein Jewish Community Center CEO Jay Jacobs said.  "We need to stay on top of what we're doing in terms making sure our facilities stay as safe as possible."

Jacobs told CBS 6 all members are required to show ID at the front desk and that staff will alert management if they notice anything suspicious.

"They will not hesitate to pick up the phone to call and say, 'You know what, there's somebody just hanging around we're not comfortable with the person,'' or whatever. Then, one of us or a couple of us will walk up and that's after questioning why the person is here and so on," Jacobs said.

And Jacobs said the same rules apply for children at the center, too.

"If you don't have a child in one of our special areas, you probably won't have access to our doors. I mean....we do have limited access throughout our building," said Jacobs.

As a result of that deadly shooting in Kansas, the JCC is reviewing it's safety policy with staff and police.

"We'll have a different level of security with them involved over the next few days," said Jacobs.  "And some things we do internally as well. We'll change which is our protocol anytime something happens like this."



  • Vasu Murti

    My own experience as a Hindu and as an animal advocate is that Christians are incredibly anti-semitic. Adolf Hitler thought Albert Einstein’s scientific discoveries were mere “Jewish science” and thus not applicable to gentiles. This is the mentality of meat-eating Christians towards vegetarianism, which they regard as a sectarian (like circumcision) dietary restriction (like “keeping kosher”) rather than as a universal ethic for all mankind (like abstaining from cannibalism). Meat-eating Christians, relegating animal rights and vegetarianism solely to Judaism are as bigoted as Hitler. There is a sad irony here as many liberals see the abortion issue as sectarian, too: if you’re not born again, you don’t have to be pro-life.

    We don’t hear meat-eating Christians say, “God bless the Jews. They gave the world monotheism. They gave the world Jesus. Albert Einstein’s scientific discoveries revolutionized the world in which we live. And now that we’ve abolished human slavery and emancipated women, it’s time to end animal slavery. Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, or use for ‘entertainment’ insists People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). And the Hebrew Scriptures, which make up half of our own Christian canon, provide a basis for doing that!”

    Leonardo Da Vinci, Count Leo Tolstoy, Mohandas Gandhi, George Bernard Shaw, Susan B. Anthony, Percy Shelley, were all vegetarian, and none of them were Jewish! At the end of 2007, shortly before moving to Israel, Pete Cohn of Veggie Jews in San Francisco said to me, “PETA’s not Jewish.”

  • diane mosen

    this type of attack on people because of their religion IS a disgrace and yes,i do pray for peace ON EARTH . vasu murti should be looking into his/her soul for the pedjudices obviously there.

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