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City gets test run ahead of 2015 UCI Road World Championships traffic

RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) –Richmond is gearing up to host the UCI Road World Championship next year. There are less than 500 days until those races, which will be Sept. 19-27, 2015.

An official test event will take place early next month, with the 2014 CapTech USA Cycling Collegiate Nationals.

Although that event is much smaller in scope. Thursday, race organizers released the traffic information  you need to know whether  you’ll be watching the event, or just need to navigate around it.

Basically it’s going to take over the entire downtown RVA area.

Over 400 participants from 100 universities are expected at the event. The Saturday races will be for 300 plus non-collegiate students.

Participants will be here from May 2 to May 4.

Friday, a workday, will be the most challenging day logistically, organizers said.

The traffic mitigation plan includes a focus on safety, efficiency, predictability, and emergency response. Officers will be directing traffic.

Street closures and towing for each affected area will begin around 2 a.m. the morning before the race.

The Sunday course is the same for the 2015 races and traffic detours will be in place from 7 a.m. through early evening hours.

That weekend, expect traffic for other big events, such as the Wicked production and popular Que Pasa festival.

Expect disruption throughout the city.


W. Broad Street between Belvidere Street and
Governor Street
Belvidere Street/Ft. Robert E. Lee Bridge/Cowardin Avenue between W. Broad Street and  Stonewall Avenue/Riverview Parkway
W. Main Street between Belvidere Street and Laurel Street
E. Main Street between N. 2nd Street and Governor Street
Monument Avenue between Mulberry Street and Belvidere Avenue
N. 3rd Street between E. Leigh Street and E. Broad Street
Riverside Drive between 18th Street and Cowardin Avenue
Stonewall Avenue between Cowardin Avenue and 18
th Street
Mulberry between Grace
Street and Park Avenue
Robinson between Grace Street and Park Avenue
Davis Avenue between Grace Street and Park Avnue
Strawberry Street between Grace Street and Park Avenue
Allison between Grace Street and Park Avenue
Allen Avenue between Grace Street and
Park Avenue
Stuart Avenue between West Avenue and Grace Street
Birch between West Avenue and Monument Avenue
-Ryland between Franklin Avenue and Grace Street
-Shafer Street between Franklin Avenue and Grace Street
Pine between Franklin and Grace Street
Grace Street between Laurel and Henry

To see course maps, and Saturday/Sunday road closures and pattern changes, click here: Collegiate Road Nationals Traffic Impact Briefing


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