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Student’s April Fools prank on professor may be the best ever

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This might be one of the best April Fools’ Day pranks you’ll see.

A professor at Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, Michigan has a policy that if a student’s phone rings in class, the student must answer it on speakerphone.

Let’s just say this professor got burned by his own rules.

Watch and laugh.


  • Robert Kelly

    HA HA HA!. Yes, let laugh at a serious violation of personal privacy. thats the wrong way to handle phones in the class. A perfect example of how this COULD have gone horribly wrong if it had been a real life situation and possibly cost the teach and the school quote a bit.

    If you dont want them using phones REQUIRE that they be turned off, or collect them as they come in the door into a basket or such and they can taken them when they leave. If anyone uses one, the get sent to the office, multiple offenses is expulsion.

    Teaches kids rules and breaking them has consequences and keeps order in class yet still allows the kids to have them should the need arise.

    • Maya

      Camoon… This is a joke. My teachers have had the same policy but of course you’re not forced to answer if you don’t want to.

    • Dave Herrington

      His rule is if you don’t turn off your phone you must answer it on speaker, so he does REQUIRE that they turn off their phones. These are adults if they can’t remember to turn it off than they suffer the consequences. You sound like Debbie Downer fron SNL.

    • Sherry

      Um this is college. Not grade school. They are all adults. If they come to class with their phones on they deserve to be treated this way.

    • Isla

      Yeah I see your point but the whole point of the joke was to teach the professor how wrong his policy was. And collecting the phones? Explusion? I don’t know if you ever went to college but that just doesn’t happen.

      • Read the Title

        Yea no the point of the the joke was to be a joke. Not everything has a political agenda buddy.

    • Angie

      Wow your an idiot…first of all they are in college so sending them to the office? Ummmm where is that?? And secondly they are adults so if you answer on speaker phone and this were a real call click the off speaker button. Doesn’t seem to difficult huh? Pretty sure my 7 year old could handle those directions( maybe even as she is walking to the office) there’s always someone in this world who could find the negative in a gold lined basket filled full of $100 dollar bills!! So that being said go find somewhere else to fill your glass full of “Whine” and stop trying to bring everyone down!!!

  • CM

    I think it is a nice way to enforce the no-phone rule. If you’re expecting an important phone call, that cannot take place outside school hours you should give your teacher a headsup, or leave class at the moment your phone rings and explain it later.

    And ofcourse, he could have expected some reaction on his policy :D

  • Brittany B

    The get sent to the office? You do realize this is a COLLEGE class right? If the ADULTS don’t want this to happen then it is THEIR responsibility to make sure their phones are off or they don’t bring it. I think of all of the ways to handle phone policies (which is completely up to the professor in more universities, not the university itself) it is one of the best, because he isn’t treating them like children collecting their phones or requiring them to do anything but he’s letting it be known that he doesn’t want phone use in the classroom but it’s still up to the individual on if they want to leave it on or not.

    • CMA hoenle

      Most profs do care immensely. Also most profs have huge egos…whats the old line from freshmen “that prof thinks theirs is the only class”…the assumption that profs dont care cause they are getting paid at least from my experience is faulty…most have a passion for their subject and many have the ego to back it up…ty 4 the comments

  • Lan

    Good grief, it was a joke. And I think it is stupid to have the no phone policy. If you have a phone, put it on silent or vibrate. Yes, it is rude to answer your phone in the middle of class but I have never witnessed that. It is up to the adults if they want to pay attention or not. The professor shouldn’t care too much because more or less, they are still getting paid.

  • v

    I love this!!! And the prof is a good guy to have taken the joke so well; its obvious his students like and respect him… what a great video (oh, yea, I’m a teacher, too…. :-)

    • Peterson

      This was absolutley the best. I agree it was all in fun ans those who want to make it out to be bad, well get a life

  • Joe

    This was nothing but great! As a retired teacher I really appreciate the student’s creativity, and the Prof must be a wonderful teacher to have students who like him enough to pull pranks on him.

  • Robert

    One cool professor! Takes a joke well and you can see how much he respects his students, and how much they like and respect him.

  • Laura Davis

    Chill!! It was fun and a JOKE!!!! The teacher was very respectful and I loved how he handled it. Why does EVERYTHING NOWADAYS have to be SO politically correct???

  • sekani

    This was hilarious! I know a lot of my professors have on the syllabus no phones in class, but everyone uses their phones, laptops, ipad, etc. during the entire class. Some people barely look up. Most of my professors don’t care you’re the one missing out on information.

  • Ben

    If they need to have their phone on, for whatever reason, they can inform the professor ahead of time and work out some compromise…or they can politely leave the classroom to answer the phone.

    This was obviously just a joke. If you think the students had some ulterior motive (like proving a point), you’re reading too much into it.

  • buzz_lightyear

    this is one of the best videos i’ve seen in a long time. these students respect their professor enough to be able to do this, and their professor is human enough to be a great sport and take it in stride. if he was a jerk of a professor, his students wouldn’t respect him enough to care what he thought about then, ending up in they’re lack of effort. but i bet these students love coming to this class and doing their best for him, which is the way all classrooms should be. i graduated college 4 years ago, and am a lot more successful than a majority of you, and me and my colleagues all agree on this. take a hint people with their panties in a bunch.

  • JM

    I actually went to Aquinas and most of the professors have a great sense of humor! If you need the phone for emergencies you can turn the ringer off and then you do not have to be embarrassed by your phone ringing in class.

  • Holly

    Disrespectful for someone to leave their cell phone on….same as being interrupted in the middle of a conversation especially since the professor has earned his way to being where hes at

  • Laurie Sutton

    C’mon people this was a great joke and for everyone to comment about cell phone policy or whatever – get over it. His classroom his rules.. it’s about the April Fool’s joke – it was GREAT!

  • Cindy

    I agree! I thought it was hilarious! Their professor has a great personality and great respect for his students as does his students for him. Try laughing some of you and they say you’ll live longer…..stop being so negative and live life to its fullest! :0). Life is GOOD

  • T Sweeney

    WOW that is FUNNY!! Some of you people are REALLY loosen up!! Its was just a couple of minutes, and they obviously like the prof to pull this on him. He looks like he enjoyed it as well. RELAX and ENJOY.

  • Eve Taylor

    I thought it was great, and his reaction was better, you can see he’s a good, and caring profs. to apologizes, then laugh with ease that it was a joke, good guy.

  • Renea Dijab

    I thought this was so funny, sweet and clever. The professor obviously loves his students, did you see how distraught he was over the content of the call?

    And the students obviously love him in return; you only tease the people you love, and they all worked together to pull this off.

    It was so feel-good for me that I watched it three times; my favorite part being his relief at the fact it was a prank.

    And then I read all these comments about invasion of privacy and punishment and I think, “Good Lord, people have no sense of humor anymore.” And I kind of feel bad for those folks because they couldn’t enjoy this – and probably many other things in life – like I have.

  • Roxanne Leavitt

    Excellent points, Renaia Dejaub. It was in good fun and trust that if adult students go to this effort it’s out of love and respect! Lighten up people

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