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Are the animals at Yellowstone sending us a warning?

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

WYOMING – An animal exodus at Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming has residents and tourists wondering if they know something they don’t.

Bison and many other animals are leaving Yellowstone in droves, and its prompting theories that minor earthquakes in the area could soon set off the Yellowstone Super Volcano.

A series of smaller quakes have hit the region over the past few weeks, and the more earthquakes hit an area, the more chances a volcano may be activated from its dormant state.

The scientist in charge of the Yellowstone Volcano Observatory told CNN that despite recent seismic activity, “We don’t anticipate an eruption anytime soon.”

Dan Hottle, Spokesman, Yellowstone National Park also says that the bison in this viral YouTube video were running into the park. “If I stayed on the phone with you for 15 min longer I can probably point the camera out the window and show you a bison running down my cul de sac.”


  • bob

    Are you people illiterate? It clearly stated that they were running IN to the park. So the headline is strictly fear mongering. If they are running IN to the park there must be a reason to go there or to stay there. The headline says LEAVING, the park official says they are running IN. IF, they were leaving then it would be YES they know something.

  • veronica gibson

    It’s is not like anybody can do anything about it, try cleaning up the oceans, the air, and all life will be happier and healthier. all life forms are telling us something. The earth will do what it needs to do, the signs are there for all to see.

  • Holly

    I think everyone gets excited including myself about the possibility of the next major geological event happening in our lifetime, and the severity of the consequences from this has it head lining.Forget about doing it for fear.Don’t you think that if pompeii had any warning that they would have spread the possibility to the masses?

  • Pat

    I’ve seen lots of bison running along the road- easier to run. If I was a bison escaping a volcano I wouldn’t stop at the edge of the park. How far are these escaping animals really going.

  • Shelley

    If Yellowstone ever did blow, no one would be left to realize it. Humans are stupid. Follow the animals clues! But they did say these bison were running to find food. they do this all the time apparently

  • Michael Leaver

    This video is CGI — look at the posts on the side of the road, they have no shadows while the Buffalo have shadows as they run. Hopefully someone in the editorial staff will have enough sense to issue a retraction and TAKE THIS DOWN!

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