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Babysitters beware, this place could put you out of business

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) - There is a place in town perfect for parents who just need an hour or two without their children to run errands, grab a meal or simply take a break.

Think of Kidz Space on Woodlake Commons Loop in Midlothian like a daycare without the long-term commitment or a babysitter without the trouble of having to find one.

It is set up so parents can drop off their children without a reservation.

Thai-hoa Burroughs owns Kidz Space (PHOTO:  Chris Munnings)

Thai-hoa Burroughs owns Kidz Space (PHOTO: Chris Munnings)

Kidz Space Owner Thai-hoa Burroughs said she and her husband opened the business after they moved here from North Carolina and did not know anyone in town well enough to have them watch their children.

"This is a very popular concept in North Carolina. We were looking for something like this and it wasn't available in Midlothian," she said. "This is something I'm passionate about. I've always wanted to work with children."

Burroughs, who studied Child Development and Family Relations in college, said Kidz Space is licensed by the state and must abide by the same rules and regulations other daycare centers follow.

Kidz Space charges $9.25 an hour for the first child, $6 an hour each additional child. The center is set up for children ages two to 12 years.

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  • staci

    There was a place similar to this at Courthouse and Hull a few years back. I never used it b/c I always had my parents who watched my kids for me. Same with paying a 13 yr old $8 a hour. . . never did that either. I babysat as a teen and was paid $1.50 a hr. I think it is absurd to pay a 13 yr old more than min wage to babysit. They are getting paid better than most all day sitters.

  • heather

    I think this is a great concept !!! I made ten dollars an hour to baby sit in the 90s. I’m sure the running rate is more now. I love that the staff is background checked and cpr trained.

  • Gerry

    Please be advised that treatment-resistant head lice are on the rise. Children can get them from venues such as these and I doubt that the staff can screen the children with many going in an out the door. Contact your local lice removal businesses for peace of mind!

  • John

    This may be the problem with kids today, their parents dumping their kids off in a strange place while they go to lunch or shop. I can’t imagine paying that much to have lunch without my child., I’d rather have the personal attention from someone like ms Roberts daycare. I’d have a hard time dropping my kids off at a strip mall center for daycare.

  • Paula Kennedy

    I agree with John! Parents will do anything to go to the store alone. You have no long term relationship with these people and neither do your kids. Take your children with you to the store and to lunch…you had them, now raise them!!

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