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Fallen soldiers: 4 dead, 16 wounded in Fort Hood shooting

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Fort Hood Scene

Three people were killed and 16 injured Wednesday when a shooter opened fire at Fort Hood, the sprawling Army post in Texas still on edge after a mass shooting there left 13 dead in 2009, officials said.

Authorities have identified the man who opened fire, killing three people before committing suicide, as Specialist Ivan Lopez.

The suspect, a soldier who had served in Iraq, “had behavioral health and mental health” issues, Milley told reporters late Wednesday.

The general said there was no known motive for the shooting.

“There is no indication that this incident is related to terrorism, although we are not ruling anything out,” he said.

The initial report is the incident started as a soldier-on-soldier attack, law enforcement sources told CNN.

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CNN contributed to this report. 

Scott & White Hospital in Temple, Texas, was treating eight patients with another expected to arrive shortly, said Dr. Glen Couchman, the chief medical officer. Three patients were in critical condition, while “the remaining are all seriously injured,” he said.

Other patients were taken to Darnall Army Medical Center, not far from the Medical Brigade building where the shooting occurred, according a soldier who lives nearby and spoke on the condition of anonymity.

The suspected shooter was wearing combat fatigues, said a U.S. official briefed on the shooting. He was armed with a .45-caliber Smith & Wesson handgun that he purchased recently, said Milley.

President Barack Obama was briefed and said Wednesday evening “we’re heartbroken something like this might have happened again.”

He was referring to the November 2009 massacre.

“I want to just assure all of us we are going to get to the bottom of exactly what happened,” the President said.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel also was monitoring the situation. He described what happened as a “terrible tragedy.”

Earlier, Fort Hood’s official Twitter feed asked that all personnel on post shelter in place.

Sheriff’s deputies from Bell County and state troopers assisted by securing the area around the post, according to Bell County Sheriff’s Lt. Donnie Adams. Authorities in the town of Killeen, just outside the gates, were also standing by to help.

“We are very concerned. Fort Hood is always there for us and we want to be there for them,” said Killeen Mayor Dan Corbin.

He continued: “They are used to dealing with combat situations, and I’m sure they are very capable of handling this.”

The lockdown was lifted just prior to 9 p.m. (10 p.m. ET), military personnel at the front gate told CNN.

On November 5, 2009, Army Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan opened fire at Fort Hood, killing 13 people and injuring 32.

He shot fellow soldiers at the processing center. Prosecutors maintained that the American-born Muslim underwent a progressive radicalization that led to the massacre.

Hasan allegedly picked that day because it was when the units he was scheduled to deploy with to Afghanistan were scheduled to go through the processing center.

The former Army psychiatrist was convicted of premeditated murder, and a military jury recommended that Hasan be put to death.

Wednesday’s shooting reminded many in the central Texas community of that incident.

“Today, Ft. Hood was once again stricken by tragedy. As Texans, our first priority must be caring for the victims and their families. Ft. Hood has proven its resilience before, and will again. Texas will support those efforts in any way we can, with any resources necessary,” said Gov. Rick Perry.

U.S. Sen. John Cornyn said in a statement that no community should have to experience such violence once, let alone twice.

“Tonight, Texans’ hearts are once again very heavy. The scenes coming from Fort Hood today are sadly too familiar and still too fresh in our memories,” he said.

According to the Fort Hood website, the post is one of the largest in the world with 45,414 assigned soldiers and 8,900 civilian employees.

The installation, which encompasses 214,000 acres, is home to two divisions — the Army’s 1st Calvary and the 4th Infantry (Mechanized). There are 12 other units attached or based there.

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CNN contributed to this report. 

Alix Bryan April 2, 201411:36 pm

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Alix Bryan April 2, 201411:17 pm

(CNN) — Scott & White Hospital in Temple, Texas, is treating eight
patients with another expected to arrive shortly as a result of
Wednesday’s shooting at Fort Hood, said Dr. Glen Couchman, the chief
medical officer, at 10 p.m. (11 p.m. ET). Three patients are in critical
condition, while “the remaining are all seriously injured,” said
Couchman. Another hospital official said two of the patients underwent

Alix Bryan April 2, 201411:02 pm

“Ask for your prayers for the fallen and the
wounded,” concluded 
Lieutenant Mark A Milley, Commander of U.S. Third Corps.

Alix Bryan April 2, 201410:59 pm

SAID IN PRESS CONFERENCE: They will be reviewing procedure of checking vehicles for weapons. 

Alix Bryan April 2, 201410:54 pm

All the wounded and killed were military. 

Alix Bryan April 2, 201410:52 pm

Soldier was undergoing treatment for depression. 

Alix Bryan April 2, 201410:51 pm

The soldier is married and has a family in the Fort Hood area. 

Alix Bryan April 2, 201410:50 pm

The shooter engaged in gunfire with another soldier. He then shot himself in the head, with a 45 caliber Smith and Wesson. 

Alix Bryan April 2, 201410:49 pm

The soldier had just recently been transferred to Fort Hood. He was not in the process of transitioning out of the military. 

Alix Bryan April 2, 201410:48 pm

The solider that was the shooter, did serve in Iraq and had mental health issues. At the press conference, the officer said that the soldier was undergoing evaluation for PTSD, but had not been diagnosed. 

Alix Bryan April 2, 201410:45 pm

There are 3 dead and 16 injured. Four dead, including shooter. 

Alix Bryan April 2, 201410:15 pm

Shortly after 9 p.m., Fort Hood lifted the shelter in place, and people are leaving the base. 

Alix Bryan April 2, 20149:56 pm

(CNN) — The suspected shooter in Wednesday’s incident at Fort Hood was
wearing combat fatigues, according to a U.S. official briefed on the
shooting. The suspect is believed to have used a semi-automatic handgun,
officials told CNN. 

Alix Bryan April 2, 20148:58 pm

Conditions of patients at the S&W Hospital range from stable to critical, the chief medical officer said. They are treating four currently and two are enroute. Some of the gunshots are to the abdomen, the chest. Some were air-lifted, some were driven. 

Alix Bryan April 2, 20148:30 pm

Alix Bryan April 2, 20148:27 pm

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Alix Bryan April 2, 20148:07 pm

Alix Bryan April 2, 20148:06 pm

CBS sources identified the suspect as 34-year-old soldier Ivan Lopez. A
source said the violence apparently stemmed from some sort of soldier

Alix Bryan April 2, 20148:00 pm

(CNN) The initial report indicates Wednesday’s shooting at Fort Hood started
as a soldier-on-soldier attack, law enforcement sources said. The
initial assessment is the incident is not terror-related, according to
the sources. 

Alix Bryan April 2, 20147:43 pm

Justice Department says now there was just one shooter. 

Alix Bryan April 2, 20147:38 pm

From FortHoodPress.com
UPDATE: Fort Hood’s Directorate of Emergency Services has an initial report that a shooter is dead but this is unconfirmed.
The injured personnel are being transported to Carl R. Darnall
Medical Center and other local hospitals. Numerous law enforcement
agencies are in support and on the scene. The number of injured are not
confirmed at this time. No further details are known at this time. 

The post is currently still on lock down.

Alix Bryan April 2, 20147:38 pm

Alix Bryan April 2, 20147:34 pm

Officials plan to give a statement soon from Fort Hood. 

Alix Bryan April 2, 20147:29 pm

Obviously, we are relying on reporting from our affiliates. Our affiliate in Waco reports two gunmen, but that is not confirmed. 

Alix Bryan April 2, 20147:15 pm

Nick Dutton April 2, 20147:14 pm

A suspected shooter at Fort Hood, Texas, is dead, but the situation is still considered an active shooting, multiple U.S. officials tell CNN.

Alix Bryan April 2, 20147:05 pm

(CNN) — A shooter remained at large about an hour after a shooting was reported at Fort Hood, Texas, a U.S. official and a Fort Hood police official said Wednesday.

Alix Bryan April 2, 20147:03 pm

KCEN has live reports from scene, with an eyewitness saying they are evacuating.

Nick Dutton April 2, 20146:58 pm

CNN reports President Barack Obama has been briefed on the incident and will continue to receive updates.

Nick Dutton April 2, 20146:56 pm

Nick Dutton April 2, 20146:55 pm


Alix Bryan April 2, 20146:49 pm

(From 4/1)Federal agents are actively seeking out a former Army recruit they believe is plotting a “Fort Hood-inspired jihad against U.S. soldiers,” they said.

Read more: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/apr/1/fbi-alert-former-army-recruit-planning-fort-hood-i/#ixzz2xlve9mk4

That story also updated on FOX on 4/1 news: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2014/04/01/exclusive-self-professed-jihadist-was-weeks-away-from-basic-army-training/

Nick Dutton April 2, 20146:47 pm


Nick Dutton April 2, 20146:45 pm

Alix Bryan April 2, 20146:45 pm

KCEN speaking with a person on base who reports that there are 21 ambulances and SWAT vehicles.

Alix Bryan April 2, 20146:44 pm

Nick Dutton April 2, 20146:40 pm

Nick Dutton April 2, 20146:37 pm

Nick Dutton April 2, 20146:36 pm

Nick Dutton April 2, 20146:34 pm

Traffic is backed up at Fort Hood as folks cannot get off or on the base.

Alix Bryan April 2, 20146:31 pm

Alix Bryan April 2, 20146:27 pm

All evening and night classes for the Central and Fort Hood campuses of Central Texas College (CTC) were canceled, according to the school’s website. Personnel and students were told to evacuate CTC Central Campus.

Alix Bryan April 2, 20146:25 pm

Alix Bryan April 2, 20146:25 pm

Nick Dutton April 2, 20146:25 pm

KWTV reports that one person was killed and that others were injured.

The station reported that “the gunman is still at large and the spokesman said the incident is being treated as an active-shooter situation.”

Nick Dutton April 2, 20146:21 pm

KCEN reports that the shooting happened around 5:30 p.m. EST at a medical support building on the base.

Nick Dutton April 2, 20146:20 pm

Nick Dutton April 2, 20146:20 pm

Nick Dutton April 2, 20146:20 pm

Nick Dutton April 2, 20146:19 pm

Officials are telling people on the Army base to stay away from doors and windows.


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    Dave, NICE…had to bring him into it. I am sorry for the loss of these folks. It’s another sad time no matter who is running the country.

  • Glen Allen

    No Dave, not all soldiers, but… “The suspect, a soldier who had served in Iraq, “had behavioral health and mental health” issues, Milley told reporters late Wednesday”

    If this man was prevented from holding a gun, this event could not have taken place. It sounds like they knew there were issues, I have to wonder if the young man may have been suffering as a result of something that happened to him while he was was serving in Iraq.

    I do so want to hate him for what he has done, but he is/was a veteran having served in Iraq. If his mental health problems were a result of his protecting our freedom, I must still respect him, and prey for his victims and their families. This is a sad day anyway we look at it

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    Before the investigation, an excuse offered.
    Government is now based on excuses, refusals, run, hide, escape,
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    Poor soldiers. I wonder how many of my unit have PTSD issues? Everyone should pull together and think of how we can help combat vets to prevent this from happening again instead of playing political games.

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