Rapper Benzino shot during mother’s funeral procession

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DUXBURY, Mass. (WTVR) -- One of the stars of the VH1’s reality show “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” was shot Saturday afternoon

WCVB reports that the shooting happened on Route 3 in Duxbury, Mass. while  Benzino was riding in his mother's funeral procession.

Sources said Benzino, whose real name is Raymond Scott, was shot by his 36-year-old nephew, Gai Scott after family members said tension between the two had been growing.

Witnesses said the suspect pulled up to Benzino's red SUV during the procession and fired multiple times.

Benzino was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Gai Scott was arrested and charged with assault with the intent to murder.

TMZ reported that the family decided to proceed with the funeral after the shooting.

Father William Williams, the parish priest, told WCVB that he was startled to see the hearse and the limo wrapped in crime scene tape after the funeral. "That was a jolt," he said.


  • Chay

    Well, I’m certain you didn’t read the article carefully. But the headline said “RAPPER shot”. (and that is misinformation because he was a rapper when he was a much younger man. Now he’s a media executive and a producer). And then the first few sentences say that he’s a reality star. Try to read more carefully before you make a snyde comment.

  • Stateville1991

    Hmmm….WOW! (Too bad it couldn’t have been a ‘Duo-Funeral’)….Who Cares; Just another Rapper (What a Shocker)…LOL

  • Corletta Hardy

    Noone should get own here and post negative comments if you have nothing good to say then keep your mouth close.This was not right for another human being to try and take the life of another ,God gives life and hes the one who can take life.Remeber you all have family memebers no matter whats going own people needs to learn how to love and forgive.there will be a time when you will have to stand before God and be judge ,.Donot forget celebrity are human and have feelings just like your average normal people.God you turn the hearts of the people backtoward you and each other and teach them how to love.Benzio Iam going to be praying that you pull through and be okay Iam so sorry this happen you were own your way to bury your mother .May God comfort you and your love ones and keep you in perfect peace.God is still own the throne 24 hours a day and night ,God can heal and work everything out.God bless you.

    • Antoine

      Corletta….that was just plain stupid what you just wrote. These people our trash and do not abide by society rules and “god” gave them life and this is the route they chose. Why should we pray fro them? There are milliions and millions of good…great people that deserve my prayers than this low-life. Figure it out

      • Selwyn

        Antoine, please educate me for a second; what route did Benzino choose that offends you? Becoming a rapper? Helping to make a hip-hop magazine? Oh oh, it’s the reality show part, huh? No one’s saying his life (or anyone’s?) is perfect, but I find it amusing that anyone can on go on a computer and claim to endorse someone being shot at their mom’s funeral over god knows what.

  • isso

    The traditional way to handle, express, and eliminate anger, as seen,
    witnessed, and demonstrated Nationwide.

  • peacebelifffer

    I remember when Eminem first got back in the late ninties, Benzino and Em went back and forth on a couple different tracks really getting into one another. Really weird story, makes you wonder what could have set it off at his mom’s funeral? Maybe just seeing each other, who knows?

  • isso

    It’s why we have Black History Month.
    Have to propagandize past the truth to over ride the nationwide
    violence and lack of character worn like a Merit Badge of Pride.

  • wonder woman

    Really a double funeral “Statesville 1991”???? People like you are just evil hopefully when you bury a close family member nothing tragic happens to you. Furthermore why do folks have a problem with Benzino? He’s not out here commuting crimes he is human just like me and you. Show some compassion people!

  • minnie

    this is a really sad situation… when some one feels its okay to take matters into their own hands and take or try to take some ones life….I mean i don’t think anything or anyone is worth my time in prison * no one is tricking me out my freedom* but that’s just my opinion I mean we all have one…Only they/God knows the true story…Hope everything works out for them all…

  • Major

    Its another sad story among the black communities its even more sadden that we can not resolve conflict without a gun wake up people.

  • William Lowry

    You have to be an idiot to believe this dude wasn’t about dope, and thug life, I watched a couple of his videos, painful, again he didn’t get shot for being a good citizen, period. If for no other reason, kids grow up thinking that he’s cool.
    Never heard of him, his show, or his career before now. I can see why from a little research.

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