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THE CHEATS MOVEMENT: Images, notes from TEDxRVA 2014

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RICHMOND, Va. (TheCheatsMovement.com) – The Cheats Movement was all social media everything yesterday at TEDxRVA. It was an amazing event and a honor to be on hand for the entire day.

Check out some of my photos from the event and visit The Cheats Movement of Facebook and Instagram for even more photos from the event.

Huge S/O to the entire TEDxRVA team…family indeed. #WESEEIT

Click here to visit TheCheatsMovement.com

The Cheats Movement is designed to highlight the very best of humanity through ART, CULTURE, and COMMUNITY.  The Cheats Movement is not a just a website –  it’s a catalyst to create and encourage a better community! WE SEE IT!


  • iatoli

    Confused. This is another Tax Exempt Special Interest Consortium,
    advertising “Exclusive” Valuable audiences of Open-Minded people intending to Change the World and Globe. The same sponsors:
    Venture Richmond, Martin Agency, Timmons, Owens Minor, Capital
    One, etc., that sponsoring the

  • iatoli

    The Party/Special Interest(s) take over of Richmond Government
    “Exclusively” of, by and for liberal, progressive “Inclusive/Exclusive” Party right out from under the voice, will, say and vote of Resident/Tax Payers?

  • me

    Positively Richmond!…
    through infiltration, insurgency, Outsider Imports, targeted tax extortions, from non tax payers, for Party CONTROL;
    THEIR WAY, without Public Say,. through Party Elected Officials.
    All carefully orchestrated, hidden, behind closed doors, in back rooms
    of the Party Machine to take Government Away from the rest of
    We the People/Tax Payers, subversively.
    Perfect Party Political Correct-Mess.
    Party RULES through Party Consortiums.
    and it’s not Party Corruption, Collusion, or GIFTGATE(s) up the kazoo,
    because Party says it’s not; it’s PC.

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