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4 bomb threats, 5 days, 1 school

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GREENSVILLE COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) - The Greensville County Schools system has identified several students involved in a series of school bomb threats that forced multiple school lock downs at E.W. Wyatt Middle School.

Greensville County Schools superintendent Phil Worrell said the students who were caught will face criminal charges; however, he did not specify how many students will be charged. The school board would hold separate hearings to decide if the students would be expelled, he added.

Thursday was the fourth bomb threat in five days at Wyatt Middle School. The threats were found written on notes within the school, Worrell said.  At this point, school leaders said they think the threats are pranks.

The middle school students were evacuated from Wyatt Middle School and moved to the nearby high school.

"They sit in the gym all day; playing, not learning.  We have SOL tests coming up," said frustrated mother Tristy Rosseau, who's son is in the 6th grade at Wyatt Middle.

Some parents said they kept their children home from school due to the on-going threats.

"She does not want to go to school; it's that bad," said Waylon Simmons, who has a daughter in the sixth grade.  "She's afraid something is going to happen."

Multiple bomb threats have been made at Greensville County Schools prior to these, which began last Friday, according to school officials.  Threats were also made on Greensville County High School earlier in the school year, officials said.

If the threats do not stop and more instructional time is missed, administrators said they may institute Saturday school for all students.

"That's punishing my child [for the actions of others]," said Rosseau.


  • Madi

    I’m actually a student at the school and an ex friend of one of the girls who did a threat. This is bull, and getting ridiculous.

  • Ryan

    Should be expelled, it shouldn’t even be a question. Kids today need know things like this are a joking matter, it’s very serious and someone can get hurt.

    • Katie

      I don’t think that she meant to imply that the threat itself was ridiculous but rather was suggesting that the behavior of those responsible was instead.

  • Concerned Parent of a Wyatt Middle Schooler

    I think that all the students that are involved should be expelled and paraded in front of the whole school by the police. The police need to have a talk with the entire school. Whatever the school is “doing” isn’t working. Maybe exposing them to their peers and the embarrassment of being in front of everyone instead of behind a note will show the kids that no more nonsense will be excepted. It will be heard loud and clear if another threat is made the same action will be enforced.

    • Katherine

      that’s barbaric. the students responsible should face criminal charges and expulsion from the school, embarrassment does nothing

  • Kelisha Lewis

    I’m A student to and its getting outrageous and it needs to stop they need to put everybody on a lying test and see who is lying cause whoever is doing it I’m blaming them if I fail a grade

  • me

    Seems that Safety of Public School Kids would quite naturally be a
    Public Concern. Public Servants, the superintendent and school
    board disagrees? That’s Tax Paid Open Government?

    • Katie

      Please tell me how you managed to suggest that the safety of students and staff was not taken seriously. The students were moved to a completely different campus while police did their job searching the building for devices/evidence. Quit trying to stir up something when the situation is being handled as well as could possibly be imagined. Don’t try to say that this is the fault of those in charge of the school when they are trying to be as proactive as possible. You would have a leg to stand on if a threat was made and it was not taken seriously, but that is not the case here. Please go stir up controversy somewhere else.

      • me

        Open Government seems to start with Open Communications with
        Government Officials in-Charge, when every child and parent is concerned about safety, security, and discipline for behaviors unacceptable. Closed communications on seems inappropriate,
        insincere and not worthy of trust or confidence.
        Too much, too often to be continually dismissed or covered up.

  • me

    I am a parent of a student at this school and this situation has gotten way out of control! I do not believe this school system has a clue on how to handle any of this. Now they are talking about making these kids go to school on Saturday’s since they are having so many threats and missing so much lecture time. So now our kids are being punished for someone else mistake. This is all crazy! I am so tired of this school system and all their mistakes they make. Believe me, the bomb threats are not the only problems at this school. I am actually looking for another school for my child to attend next year.

  • Caroline

    I am a student at Wyatt and agree with all the measures they have been taking to keep us safe, but I feel somebody needs to step up their game in order to stop the threats. Everybody is trying their best, but as you can see they’re continuing. Makes no sense how people want to mess up their education and others. They should be charged!

  • Connie

    I hope that all the students involved with these threats do get expelled permanently. The actions of all the administration from the principle, teachers, bus drivers and all the police have been doing everything that is possible to secure the safety of all the students and faculty and staff. The majority of the students are wonderful and resent this going on, and we have these others who don’t have any respect for themselves or others. They simply could care less. They deserve the harshest of consequences for inflicting this terror on everyone. They NEED major consequences to there actions, not just suspension. They should be expelled and face severe charges.

  • Katie

    The original lockdowns which took place in response to the first threats at the high school earlier in the year were well before what happened at Glen Allen. These lockdowns followed the exact same protocol.

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