‘Lovin It’ in 10 years? Norwegian boy tattoos McDonald’s receipt.

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The Norwegian to English translation reads: “My weirdest tattoo yet”

Thanks to Google translator we get the story behind this frighteningly odd McDonald’s tattoo.

The translation on the picture reads “My weirdest tattoo yet,” and it was posted on the Facebook page for Sabelink Tattoos in Norway.

Stian Ytterdahl, 18-years-old, told RB that his friends made him choose between tattooing a Barbie on his bum, or the McDonald’s receipt from a recent meal on his arm.

Margaret Brusletto, Spokesperson for McDonalds Norway says that she has only heard of the Golden Arches being tatted onto an employee, but never something as extreme as this.

“I can not say that I think anything other than that this is terrific. We are talking obviously about a loyal customer,” Brusletto told RB.

Sabelink Tattoo shop didn’t miss an opportunity staring them in the eye. They offered to put their logo him on him for free. That appointment is set up for Monday, according to RB.

Opinions are obviously divided (it is social media afterall) but Ytterdahl said his mom gave it a “Like” on Facebook. There are plenty of comments on the tattoo shop’s Facebook post (embedded below), but you’ll have to be fluent in Norwegian or translate yourself.

Oh, and thanks to Google Translator, I know that absurd is spelled the same exact way in both the Norwegian and English languages.


  • Gerry

    I hope MCD’s gives him a discount in the future.He’s going to need it to save up for tat removal.

  • jenny

    Ok need the whole story here. As usual, details are missing. What led his “friends” to make him choose btwn a Barbie tattoo or this? A lost bet? A hazing? Either way, its plain stupid. As far as the comment ” he must be a loyal customer”, ha! Lady, he had a “choice” btwn Barbie and McDonald’s. That hardly says dedicated customer. You “won” by default bc he didn’t want Barbie.

  • Adam

    Could you guys at least proofread your articles before posting them. Grammar is horrible. And btw this guy is an idiot. I dont see him regretting the tat in 10 years but hes an idiot nonetheless.

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