Deputies: Man had sex with teen, then dropped her off at school

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SPOTSYLVANIA, Va. (WTVR) — A Chesterfield man has been arrested after he allegedly had sex with a teenage girl in a hotel and then dropped the child off at school the next morning.

GONZALEZ, JASON R.Spotsylvania deputies said 38-year-old Jason Gonzalez groomed the girl by developing an online relationship with the teen.

Police said Gonzalez drove to Spotsylvania County in September, picked up the teen from her home and then took her to a nearby hotel.

Investigators said the two had sex at the hotel and then Gonzalez dropped the girl off at school the next morning.

Officials said the teen immediately reported what had happened to school administrators, who in turn contacted the school resource officer.

CBS 6 News was told the girl was hurt, but deputies would not elaborate on her injuries.

Chesterfield police arrested Gonzalez on March 10 on consensual intercourse with a child and use of electronic means for child pornography charges.


  • Glen Allen

    This guy is obviously a dirt bag, skum, creep, but come on, the girl went with him? She knew enough to tell school authorities what had happened, but did not know enough not go with him? I really find it hard to believe there are young girls still this stupid. I am not saying this is her fault, I am just saying she is obviously not too bright, they teach this stuff in school every single day. I hope the parents take the internet away from her.

  • Glen Allen

    John: I am quite certain the piece of trash guy does know better, I am just saying that children today know better too, and yet they do it anyway. Parents either need to look over their childrens shoulder while they are on the internet, or God forbid, take the internet away and give them a book, or spend some time with them.

  • sw

    I am really getting sick of the idiots on here so willing to blame the victim (just because you say in one sentence you are not blaming the child does not mean your statements are not blaming the child because they certianly are to some extent). I don’t care if she went with him or not. She was a minor not an adult and her going with him has no bearing what so ever on what this pervert alledgedly did.

    • athynz

      I’m getting sick of the idiots on here who say this girl has NO personal responsibility for her actions. Sorry but she DID go with the guy after all knowingly and willingly which is part does indeed make her responsible. I’m not saying the guy isn’t a pedophilic POS who deserves to be castrated – because he is and he does – but to complete absolve her of any sort of personal responsibility is ridiculous.

      • athynz

        Hey David, go orally extract embryonic fluid from a hen’s egg then TRY to come up with something other than your usual insults and trolling. Or sit down, shut up, and let the adults speak about the issues that are obviously beyond your level of comprehension.

      • sw

        You are the freaking idiot. She was and is a minor. Like it or not she is not resonsible because this pedophile couldn’t keep his zipper closed.

      • athynz

        You are a moron. SHE went with him willingly. SHE should have to accept some responsibility for that. Personal responsibility – the bane of libartds like sw.

  • Glen Allen

    I’m saying the child is not too bright, I am not blaming her. The blame goes to the parent(s) of the child. The internet is not a toy for children to play with, and it is not a babysitter either.

    • Ashford James

      That kid can out smart you in many social issues. The reality is that everyone is a victim. You should be talking about responsibility and self-value on all sides. By claiming victim, you are negating her contribution to problem which is not the right way to solve problem or resolve issues.

  • athynz

    Yes she did – but so did he. She made a mistake – understandable at her age and yes she did go willingly with him. He however knew what he was doing with her was a crime.

  • Conrad

    He is not a pedophile. He might be labeled an ephebophile based on his other sexual exploits, but pedophilia, for you uneducated types, is an attraction to humans who have not yet reached puberty. The overwhelming majority of 16-year-old females are beyond puberty. Most ephebophiles turn to this type of behavior because of their inability to establish or even find an acceptable woman in their age range. In some states, such as Oklahoma, 16 is the age of consent. In Virginia, the age of consent is 18, with close age exceptions, and there is no allowable defense in that state for not knowing her age

  • b

    I am sorry but the legal age in Ohio is 16 and I had a 17 beg my bf to leave me and our child so she can be with him telling him how she can make him happier in all sorts a ways even tho she contracted herpes knows about it and is still seeing two guys who doesnt know , there smarting then they look trust me this girl is as much to blame if not more for wht happened , does she not own a cell phone or since she had a ONLINE RELATIONSHIP with this man she knew him well enough to leave and get the sheets rockin , young girls are nasty today even worse then men because they arent punished for exactly this sort of thing

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