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Former cop faces jail time for refusing to hand over tipster’s info

We often report Crime Stoppers cases. Situations when police officers ask the public for tips and in exchange they promise to protect your identity.

Crime Stoppers Director Richard Masten, located in Miami, Florida, could be looking at jail time for going to extreme lengths to protect one tipster's name.

Masten refused to hand over details of an anonymous tip in a cocaine case last week.
Instead, as he sat in court, he ate a piece of paper containing the information.

The judge held Masten in contempt of court, but the retired cop says he doesn't regret his decision.

Masten will find out soon how long he could spend in jail.  Media outlets report that he faces 14-days behind bars.

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  • Manalishi.

    Now that’a a real man. This man just flipped the bird to a democrat activist judge that was obviously appointed to protect cartels and drug dealers and endangering the tipster.

    Notice this story intentionally neglects to mention the name of the judge so as not to push this treason into the limelight?

    • Sandy

      Doesn’t mean she’s not a democrat, but she was appointed by Republican Governor Rick Scott of Florida. So I suspect she probably has some Republican leanings….

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