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Former NBA star Ben Wallace arrested, sentenced for West End crash

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Ben Wallace (PHOTO: Henrico Sheriff's Department)

Ben Wallace (PHOTO: Henrico Sheriff's Department)

HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) - Former NBA and Virginia Union University basketball star Ben Wallace entered a plea of no contest after he was arrested Tuesday for leaving the scene of a February car crash.

Wallace received a one year jail sentence.

The Henrico County judge suspended all but two days of the sentence. Wallace started serving his two day sentence Tuesday.

"It's kind of light for a situation like that," said Tim Olive who lives near the scene of where the crash happened.

CBS 6 Legal Expert, Todd Stone said it may sound like a light sentence, but Wallace's punishment is not unreasonable.

"This looks like the type of situation you would see when a prosecutor could have difficulty proving a case, and they're trying to work out some plea agreement that's kind of right in the middle," said Stone.

Last month a SUV registered to Wallace slammed into a fence outside a home off Gaskins Rd. and Peppertree Dr. in Henrico's West End.

“It was dark, but it’s clear from here I saw one person trying to fight to get out of the car,” homeowner Silverio Acosta said in an interview last month. Once the man got out of the SUV, Acosta said he saw the man pick up and smash pieces of wood against the fence “because he was angry.”

Acosta said police found an expired insurance card inside the vehicle and that they gave him a piece of paper listing Ben Wallace and his wife as the policyholders.


  • Drew Ashton

    This government is rediculous.. It’s not like he hurt anyone.. A year is way excessive.. I mean paying for damages, paying fines, and some probation would have been enough.. Let’s try and get real criminals behind bars corrupt goverment..

  • sportsnut101

    Why does he have to.serve anytime
    What a joke leaving a scene ok I get but people kill people with their cars and get no jail time

  • tommy

    ok,I will say it joe means because he is black,maybe?Joe needs to realize that not this area yet,still too few apartments taking section 8,but most of the rest of west end is mainly black now.Has been turning that way for years.Our schools are worst ,neighborhoods more run down and crime has increased,not my stats,its Henrico police stats,so call them.Now yall jump on the pc correct wagon and discuss.Unless you have lived in the area for more then 30 years,shut it.

  • Curious

    How does one get arrested, have a trial, get sentenced and serve his time all in one day? Methinks there’s a conspiracy here.
    I would dare say if he was not of celebrity status, and just an average ole Joe, I dare say things wouldn’t have turned out so wrapped up pretty with a bow on top.

  • Linda

    Joe you dont run the west end. People can go wherever they want to go. Who are you? You dont run nothing but your mouth.

  • kitty

    Those people…its so sad how racist you are….did read the 2 white teens that made the autism boy do horrible things and made him walk on ice and fall in freezing water twice without helping him and recorded on the phone…I don’t think it gets worst then that…..your people…..sad

  • kitty

    Manalishi….you said it….he’s not the only one that left the scene a accident and not on the news…my point so again what’s the big deal….better news to report if he hit another driver or pedestrian……next

    • manalishi

      Next time cut and paste. it’s not what i said. You must be having a tough time all with them words. Toodles.

  • Charla J

    Well, I’m happy that Mr. Wallace sentence was suspended. He has a family to attend to. This man has served the community for years. Everyone makes mistakes. God is the only judge. If your son was driving that vehicle??? Enough said.

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