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‘Shaving seconds off’ of emergency response time with mayor’s plan

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR)--The last thing one expect when calling 911 is to be put on hold, because in an emergency, seconds count.

But it could happen to any Richmond resident.

Right now, callers are put on hold because there are two 911 call centers in the city.

One handles fire and police calls, and the other handles medical emergencies.

Right now if you called for an ambulance you might have to be transferred from one 911 line to another, and it would take, on average, about six minutes for an ambulance to get to you.

Mayor Dwight Jones wants to end the need to transfer certain emergency calls.

A proposal in his FY 2015 budget would create a standalone department to handle 911 calls for the city, and put its headquarters at the Richmond Ambulance Authority on Hermitage Road.

The idea is to create a direct line and eliminate the need to transfer your emergency call for medical assistance.

The plan is expected to reduce the ambulance response time by a minute and 20 seconds...

The plan would utilize money already set aside for emergency services.

But there are other items in the budget that will cost you as a taxpayer.

Your monthly utility bill could increase by an average $6 a month.

You can read more about the mayor's budget here.


  • Tarheel00

    What money for emergency services ????????????????????????????? Fire and police have no career advancement and some firehouses have rats and sewage issues which make them hardly livable for 24 hrs . Keep telling stories to the citizens Mr Mayor

  • JoeGrose

    Why don’t we pick and choose who gets an ambulance based on BS complaints like toothaches or the flu, give paramedics permission to refuse transport for the same reasons, or spend money instituting a community paramedic program. If RAA units werent all busy with BS, everyone would get an ambulance in probably 3 min most likely. RAA already does an excellent job with response times, call center factors are only shaving seconds off, let’s try and shave minutes.

  • Arlo Givens

    A lot of folks in the city use the RAA ambulance service like it is a taxi. They are on welfare, so they don’t have to pay the bill anyway. If RAA could refuse the b.s. calls, then there would be plenty of ambulances to respond quickly. Then of course the word would get out, and people would start using key words like difficulty breathing and chest pains to get the ambulance to pick them up for a free ride to MCfree to look at their diabetic sores they have neglected to take care of….

  • Doug Dares CEO/Pres.

    As a 30 year experienced emergency response driver, I found out the problems, and after I retired, I researched a cure, which I now have patented, but needing funding and manufacturing guidance to put it on the market. What is used now, numbers and signs, are an old 1950’s method, and my new idea, using LED strobe lights plus siren, on a roof top, above all front doorways, guides every driver directly to the location needing professional aid. I have a demo on my site— plus info for contacting us to talk. This idea will save time on every response plus give potential victims a better chance of medical aid faster than present day responses. We can develop a partnership for anyone strongly interested in getting this marvellous life saving/crime cutting idea to market.Think it over, this idea is modern, better guarantee to find all locations where help is needed. Our extra locator device directs all drivers in all weather of rain, snow and fog. together, we can change every emergency response call for the better and upgrade the 911 Response system greatly. Even more benefit functions are included in this wireless, micro-chip solar powered device. Beyond belief as to the life saving it will do, even in your city. Let’s talk and make a change to save lives/cut crime from here on up.

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