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Henrico mother: ‘He said he was going to kill my son on the walk home from school’

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) - A Henrico mother said she received a phone call from the principal at Seven Pines Elementary School Friday informing her to get to the school.

"She had told me that a student came to her and told her that a boy had a knife and said he was going to kill my son on the walk home from school today," she said.

The mother does not want her identity revealed, but said school is not a place where she should be worried for her son's safety.

She said she was told by the principal that the student who made the threat was suspended for five days. She said she believes that punishment isn't enough.

"So now the boy is in trouble," she said.

"Is he going to be more mad at my son? Is he going to want revenge on my son?" she asked.

CBS 6 reached out to Henrico County Public Schools Spokesman Andy Jenks regarding the incident.

In an email, Jenks said a student brought a small kitchen knife to school Friday. He said the matter was handled by administrators, but because the case referenced students, he could not provide anymore information.

"I'm very upset," said the mother.


  • david

    yea and still if it wasn’t for them you would have nothing.No house,food,phone or internet.I mean someone has to work for these things,your welcome

  • me

    Isn’t it safe, easy, and convenient for Government(s) to ceremoniously
    run, hide, protect, excuse, refuse, escape, evade and circle their
    wagons against any and all Public Information, Public Accountability,
    Public Responsibility for the supposed “Government of, by, and for the people”, and their hyped slogan of “For The Kids”???
    All these tax paid government “spokespersons” are oxymorons and
    fail US again and again with government jibberish..

  • random

    I actually went through this in school myself and the boy was sent to juvenile detention, he got madder and madder as they suspended him. His mother had to move the boy to another city. I hope your son is alright and I hope the other boy gets the help he needs that makes him want to hurt another human

  • Paula Kennedy

    I agree with this Mom and he needs more then 5 days out of school!! Tired of bullies and them getting by with their behavior!!!

  • Dutchess

    No its the parents fault. Check those back packs. I took my sons out of public schools, and home schooled them. All are grown now,and have children. This really scars me. For the well being of my Grand children. This child needs help, right now. And so do the parents. JMO!

  • mary

    It’s doesn’t matter about the race of the child or the parents…. what matters is what is going on in this child’s life for him to think that this is acceptable behavior. How are we as parents supposed to raise our children to love and respect when they aren’t getting it at home? STOP MAKING EXCUSES FOR THEIR WRONG BEHAVIOR!!!! I pray for the safety these children.

  • kathryn

    File criminal charges. If there is enough evidence that the child was going to what was said then go to the magistrate..I would!

  • Shirley Harris Hawkes

    A suspension out of school is good, however, that student should not be able to return to school until the parents have gotten counseling for psychological treatment plan. This is why we have crisis happening in school. Pro -active approach is always confined until something major happens like death. We can do better than this. The counseling should remain the rest of the year. To the parent of the threaten child, take it to court, and get a court order to do so. This approach is for the safety of all involved including the community where others could have been hurt or affected. A knife is a weapon, and should be handled as such, big or small, it can do harm in the hands of a wrong doer. The size of the knife makes a difference? Not in adult courts. Its a weapon. This is a case that should be handled there, not in the school.

  • H.Thomas

    Poor angry and confused little boy-it’s all he knows and he’s got it so rough; he just needs a little time out- to cool down -he’ll be alright…….And that is how he is condemned to never changing -never caring again – never learning the humanity to love. Going Easy is the hard road for both these students. I do not believe in Zero Tolerance Policies at school’s where children are expelled for eating a pop tart in the shape of a gun or pointing their finger as a gun; but this is different. The man child brought a weapon for the purpose of killing this student-Who’s next? What’s next? How about the intended victim and his sentence in this? Are the Teachers and Administrators required to have or learn common sense themselves?!

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