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Police: Teenage girls use knife to force autistic boy to perform sex acts

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAPHIC WARNING: Portions of this story are disturbing and graphic. 

(CNN) — Two Maryland teenage girls were charged this week with assaulting an autistic boy and recording him on their cell phones performing sex acts, including some with animals, the St. Mary County Sheriff’s Department said Wednesday.

Authorities said the two girls, ages 17 and 15, admitted to police that they assaulted the boy with a knife on “multiple occasions.”

Lauren A. Bush, age 17, of Mechanicsville, MD, was arrested and charged as an adult with 2 counts of Assault 1st Degree, 2 counts of Assault 2nd Degree, Soliciting Subject in the Production of Child Pornography, False Imprisonment and incarcerated in the St. Mary's County Detention Center on March 10, 2014.

Lauren A. Bush, age 17, of Mechanicsville, MD, was arrested and charged as an adult with 2 counts of Assault 1st Degree, 2 counts of Assault 2nd Degree, Soliciting Subject in the Production of Child Pornography, False Imprisonment and incarcerated in the St. Mary’s County Detention Center on March 10, 2014.

“His parents refer to him as (having) been diagnosed autistic,” said Sgt. Cara Grumbles, a spokeswoman for the sheriff’s office. “Some of the sexual acts involved animals. It’s awful.”

A news release from the department said the girls also kicked the boy in the groin and dragged him by his hair. They also got him to walk onto a partially frozen pond. When the boy fell through several times, they made him get out each time by himself, police said.

Detectives found videos on the girls’ cell phones.

Prosecutors charged the 17-year-old, Lauren A. Bush, as an adult. The 15-year-old was charged as a juvenile. Police didn’t release her name.

Each was charged with two counts of first-degree assault, two counts of second-degree assault, child pornography and false imprisonment.


      • tomanafoolish

        No stupid hate crime remark? Is it because these sick girls are Caucasian you have no ignorant comments? Typical racist!

      • athynz

        @tomanafoolish – way to bring the race card. Are you proud of yourself? Take another look at who exactly is the typical racist – the one who constantly brings the race card up as some sort of martyr or one who doesn’t use the race card at all. Amuse me troll – show me where manalishi posted a racist comment. Post a link to the article. I’ll wait.

      • Manalishi.

        Sorry to disappoint you tomanafoolish. i just didn’t get a picture of the other perp or the victim to satisfy you baited needs. Hows you dads new jib on the pike working out??

  • John

    Maybe somewhere in their life someone made them do things like this. They just don’t wake up one day and start doing this. Someone both these girls have been around. Someone gave them the idea.

    • athynz

      Bull. These girls are old enough to know right from wrong. THIS right here is the problem – the lack of personal responsibility. The “Oh it must be someone else’s fault” excuse is pure steaming BS.

  • Leslie

    There is a special place in hell for these two. Both should be changed as an adult and their parents too

  • athynz

    Both should be charged as adults and when or if found guilty in a court of law put under the jail and left to rot. This is beyond sickening.

    • David

      Have to agree with roger that lame pete is a dumbarse, thick drama queen more than not. he loves attention saying troll.

  • sheryl Boyd

    I bet these girls parents are SO proud of their offspring’s!! :( This makes me sick to hear. That poor boy, he never deserved such a horrid ordeal…I pray he will NEVER remember this in time.

  • Shay

    Those girls are disgraceful!!!! They’d be devistated if it happen to their brother or cousin. Shows how weak they are to prey on someone with a disability. These girls will get what’s coming to them during there stay in prison. My heart breaks for the boy & his family!!!

  • Crystal

    Pure disgusting!!! This girls shud be punished, and I hope when they go to jail, the women there torture them, and give them a taste of their own medicine,

  • Don

    They really need to expand the scope to apply capital punishment. If any one needs to die, it’s these two!

    • Elijah Carr

      I don’t believe this is feminism. I am opposed to the lies and bigotry of feminism but I doubt this is condoned. I think episodes like this are rather conveniently ignored by feminists.

  • Jeannie

    These girls knew exactlty what they were doing and this was disgusting. For someone to say that this may have happened to them and then say it is not their fault.BS. To my understanding they did this several times and they knew it was wrong. I believe they both should be tried as adults. I will be praying for the boy and his family.

  • François

    This boy’s life will be ruined by the memory of these asinine sick excuses of humanity. They should both go to prison for a long time.

    • Kaehlos

      Sorry mate, but he’s autistic. He’ll remember it in short speculative hurts randomly throughout his life. There’s no emotion involved.
      Source: 7 mental disorders.

      • Jude

        Um, you seem to be perpetuating stereotypes here, unfortunately. OF COURSE Autistic persons feel emotions, they just may have difficulty identifying/expressing them. And there’s nothing wrong with their memories of past hurts-in fact, autistic persons are so often bullied for being different et al, that they are at risk of developing PTSD in their future. Just like “normal” people would and do. Cuz autistic people are actually human beings, just like you….

  • Les Lawson

    that boy will re-live that every day due to his autism , there are women in jil who will take care of her as for the juvenile she’ll get it worse at least the one in jail will only get stabbed .

  • Michelle

    This story makes me cry and makes me sick to my stomach, it is so disgusting. I have a 6 year old Autistic son and to think about this cruelty that was done to this boy makes me angry. These children with autism have no protection. They cannot protect themselves and are vulnerable to everything. If this happened to my child I would make it my personal vendetta to do everything I could to bring justice and wrath to these mean, evil people. They both should be charged as adults and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

  • annie holcombe

    Where are the parents of all three children? How could these horrible acts go on for as long as they did without at least one parent wondering where thier child was? The world is not a safe place and most people keep track of their children when they are out of school. This is a very sad story and the worst Parr is it could have been prevented. Every person connected to this case will suffer for the rest of their lives. The parents of the girls will have to live with what their daughters did
    And if those girls had siblings those kids life’s will be ruined. The girls.Will go to prison but their families will be the ones with the scarlet letter on them when they go to the store,apply for jobs, go to school, make friends or date. No parent would want their child to be friends with or date someone whose sister is in prison for the horrible crimes she committed. These are just the awful conditions the families of the girls will experience then there is the boy and his family. They are all.going to need help to start healing from all the pain these girls caused. Also the boy Wil need one of his parents with him at all times so he feel safe in his environment if that family has more children then those kids will grow up without the family they deserve and then the cycle continues because those children walk.the streets without the guidance it’s a sick and twisted crime and now the girls will sit in their cells while
    Their innocent family the price for what their daughters did

  • Tod

    What could have he done to them to make them be so cruel to this poor boy with special needs? I can’t understand what is happening that something so horrible can take place. Where are their Parents? God Bless that little boy I am praying he gets over this and sure hope these so called girls rot in HELL!!!!!

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