LIVE UPDATE: Powerful storm system approaching RVA

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) – A powerful storm system is approaching our area. A cold front will spark a line of strong storms this afternoon. This line will move through western Virginia early to mid afternoon, the metro mid/late afternoon into early evening, and eastern Virginia very late afternoon into early evening.

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Mike Stone March 12, 20147:42 pm

Gusty winds will continue tonight into Thursday.  Lows tonight mid 20s NW to low 30s SE. Highs Thu around 40° w/ wind chills 20s/lower 30s

Mike Stone March 12, 20147:36 pm

Severe threat is ending across the state, but some isolated wind gusts around 50 mph are possible.  Some higher gusts may occur with a line moving thru Greensville county until around 8 pm

Mike Stone March 12, 20147:07 pm

Temps behind the cold front in western VA are falling into the 40s & 30s.  Check out that 28° near the WV border

Mike Stone March 12, 20146:57 pm

Mike Stone March 12, 20146:48 pm

Another pic from @MikeGoldbergWX. Storm moved through Fredericksburg with sunshine right after it.

Mike Stone March 12, 20146:44 pm

Line of heavy rain (with possible thunder) moving into RVA.  No warnings, but isolated wind gusts over 40 mph possible.

Mike Stone March 12, 20146:16 pm

Picture from meteorologist Mike Goldberg.  He is up in the Fredericksburg area, and is traveling south on I-95, tracking the line of storms as it moves in.

Mike Stone March 12, 20146:14 pm

Mike Stone March 12, 20146:11 pm

Mike Stone March 12, 20146:04 pm

Radar snapshot. Get the latest radar images at

Mike Stone March 12, 20146:01 pm

Watch the storms moving into central Virginia via our SkyTracker cameras & time lapses:

Mike Stone March 12, 20145:48 pm

No severe warnings as of yet…but isolated strong wind gusts will be possible with this line of showers & t-storms

Mike Stone March 12, 20145:41 pm

Line of storms will move across I-95 & Richmond metro area between 6 & 7 pm. Live updates on CBS 6 & streaming @

Mike Stone March 12, 20145:35 pm

Radar snapshot. Get the latest radar images at

Nick Dutton March 12, 20145:29 pm

Mike Stone March 12, 20145:03 pm

Mike Stone March 12, 20144:58 pm

Severe t-storm watch was just issued for central & eastern VA into this evening.

Mike Stone March 12, 20144:57 pm

Latest satellite pic. Dark areas show where clouds have broken for some sun.  Line of showers now tracking east of I-81 at around 45 mph. As this line hits some sunshine, they will intensify.  Strong wind gusts will be possible with some storms.

Mike Stone March 12, 20144:41 pm

Mike Stone March 12, 20144:41 pm

Scott Wise March 12, 20142:46 pm

Scott Wise March 12, 20142:01 pm

Scott Wise March 12, 20141:36 pm

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