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Crooks steal $600,000 in donations from Joel Osteen megachurch

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HOUSTON, Texas (WTVR) — Police in Houston said someone stole over a $500,000  from Lakewood church — the ministry helmed by Joel and Victoria Osteen.

KPRC reports that a thief cracked the mega church’s safe and walked away with about $200,000 in cash and $400,000 in checks.

It is believed the burglary took place between Sunday afternoon and Monday morning.

Police are not sure if the act was caught on security video or who may have had access to the vault and the building.

The non-denominational church released a statement saying its leadership is sad about the theft and warned the congregation’s more than $43,000 worshipers to monitor their bank accounts and credit cards.


  • Ronnie

    @Tom — exactly! Can’t believe people actually give money to these churches — only for the “preacher” to go out and buy his own Gulfstream or Learjet, mansions, Rolls-Royces, all the trapping of luxury — plus it’s tax-exempt cash too! People really are dumb as a brick!

  • Believer

    You are WAY OFF BASE. Joel Osteen and his wife have been interviewed by numerous news people on their “church income”. They receive NO INCOME from Lakewood Church. THEIR INCOME comes from their book sales.

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