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What Sweet Frog is now doing to get to know you… better

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Frozen yogurt chain Sweet Frog hired Richmond advertising firm Big River, pictured above. (PHOTO: Brandy Brubraker)

RICHMOND, Va. (RichmondBizSense.com) – Bent on becoming the biggest frozen yogurt brand in the country, a Richmond-based chain is bringing in outside help to add some flavor to its marketing strategy.

Sweet Frog recently hired local ad agency Big River to help the 4-year-old fro-yo company better understand its customers as it looks to grow.

“It’s really kind of uncovering what their recipe for success is and how do we enhance that going forward,” said Big River President and CEO Fred Moore.

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  • Gerry

    I will never eat at the frog. What a rip-off. You can get Ben & Gerry’s cheaper at the supermarket!!!!

    • Chad

      ok…but then go and buy all the toppings..oh yea, it is made then and there…not made, then put in a tub, then sent to the store..might have thawed before getting there..could be old…OK. Gerry…not a very good argument haha

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