UPDATE: Charges filed after young boy found wandering

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PETERSBURG, Va. (WTVR) - Petersburg Police have located the parents of a three-year-old boy found wandering near the intersection of W. Washington St. and Guarantee St.

UPDATE: Late Monday afternoon the boy was returned to his mother.
UPDATE: Petersburg Police confirm that someone related to the case will be charged with neglect but they did not say who.

As for why the child was walking around by himself - police are still investigating and social services are still assessing.

Petersburg Social Services Director Kim Miles told CBS 6 this is only the second such case she has encountered in 8 years with the department.

Police sent out an alert earlier Monday that officers were looking for the child's parents after a city worker found the child trying to cross the street.

"The child identified himself as 'Darnell' and said that he was three years old.  He was unable to give any further information," Petersburg Police said via email.

The child told police he did not know his parents' names. He said he dressed himself this morning.

The child was taken to the social services office while the search continued for family members.

This is a developing story. Look for updates on WTVR.com and CBS 6 News.


  • anon

    wow- someone call cps right away- i wish they had with me. i dressed myself and my little brother and walked out the house and out to jefferson davis to go to grammas when i was 3 because we were hungry- a neighbor found us, not the cops, and i spent 13 more years in a broken, abusive home.

  • #Overitall

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  • Rekula Tsuj

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