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Chesterfield Police investigate ‘Dead Man’s Curve’ motorcycle crash

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) - Police are investigating a crash along Hull Street Road (Route 360) at Skinquarter Road in Moseley.

A man headed eastbound on Route 360 lost control of his motorcycle Monday afternoon and crashed in what police called a single-vehicle accident, Jon Burkett reported from the crash scene. Hull Street Road was shutdown after the crash so Med Flight could land and fly the injured motorcyclist to the hospital.

His injuries were considered life threatening.

All lanes of Hull Street Road reopened about 1 p.m., according to Chesterfield Fire and EMS spokesman Lt. Jason Elmore. He said police remained on scene to direct traffic through the area.

Due to past accidents, the area in which the crash occurred is known to locals as "Dead Man's Curve," according to Burkett.


  • James

    A worse curve is WB just before the Amelia line, though it’s been significantly improved. This is a tricky curve, but hardly “dead man’s curve.” Thousands pass it daily without incident.

  • sw

    I lived there for years. My father used to own that store on the corner (formally called “The Country Store”. I would not consider this dead man’s curve unless you are drunk going around it. That was usually the only reason for an accident there. I have to agree with James on the curve near Amelia and the curve at the church is deceiving at night returning from Amelia.

    • stan

      SW. What “Country Store” are you talking about? It must not be “Skinquarter Market” “Guardino’s” “Rays” “Get n Go” etc. Who are you and what are you talking about? Wrong place I suppose.

  • arron

    um yeah I ts only dead mans curve if your speeding.drunk or just stupid correct?I mean how many people have died there going the speed limit and being responsible?Maybe they should change the name to stupid,going to fast mans curve.

  • Ron Melancon

    The road stinks just like Springfield Road in Henrico County by Echo Lake time and time again our public safety officials have no problem enacting a meals tax but do not fix deadly roads like Robius Road This one and Springfield Road

  • Stan

    Ok everybody, chill out about the other roads, let’s pray this man survives his injuries. I was raised in Skinquarter, and i can tell everybody that the way that curve came upon its name is as follows: In the early 1950’s I believe, or about that time, there was a horrible crash involving a tractor trailer hauling thousands of gallons of gasoline. The crash did not immediately explode; however the circumstances showed that an explosion was eminant. The trapped truck driver, as I have been told many times over the years, begged rescue workers to amputate with whatever means necessary his leg which was pinned in the wreckage. They did not/could not and the man died a horrific fiery death. Thus the name “Dead Man’s Curve.”

  • Lee

    if anyone remembers the late Page Wilson from his WCVE show he wrote a song about that curve. The video is on you tube and shows scenes from several accidents there. The song is called “Skinquarter Curve”. I think it’s about the westbound side of the road where it leads straight intot he store if you miss the curve!

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